Nymph what am i paying you for

Entangle is a good ability and much needed against true shot teams but how can i get nymph to do her job when her cost is 10. Even if i match 3 and get a surge it still takes some time to get her and by that time one of my troops might be dead or seriously hurt. There are monsters that do more than entangle for about the same cost like cockatrice who also drains mana and for one mana less and a different color or green sear who is more random but also effects the board. I know you can combo the entangle ability into something but with a 10% cumulative chance each turn you might not be able to and that means that you will miss your chance to do certain combos. It essential could be entirely useless as a spell in general if remove the turn after it is cast. Now i have not mentioned a fix to the spell and it would be a waste if i didn’t so i reccommend strongly that her spell cost be reduced to 6 mana. Similure costs get stronger the higher the magic gets but she does not benefit from such a bonus. Warhound can in some positions do what she does for 7 but the cheapest dual color is 6 mana (and might want a friend). Please lowwer the cost please. Also i just found out about her mana cost and then decided to post this so nyaaaa.

A lot of older troops are still unbalanced compared to newer ones. Cockatrice, also a rare, entangles for 1 mana less AND mana drains.