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Number of summoned troops should be added to GW score

You know what I’m talking about, Goblin class with Stealth.
Endless stream of Bandits is just absurd.
But it doesn’t limited to Goblin class, endless Infernal Kings (just by typing down Infernal King with plural makes me feel a bit strange), Giant Spiders from Orbweaver and so on.
If I have to suffer through this summon stream, I should at least get some reward out of it.

You do already get a reward for it, clobbering summons allows you to improve the damage ratio component of the scoring formula. There’s intentionally no extra points past the cap, otherwise GW placement would just be based on who can milk summons the longest.

But additional score can also be earned from fewer moves.
This summon stream reduces this part of score.

As annoying as it is, that’s what makes it a viable defense. If you’re defense is likely to lose you may as well bleed what points you can from the attacker’s score.

Dragon eye, deathmark & freeze are just as annoying buy reduces scores by reducing efficiency of teams.

It’s guild WARS after all. Defense teams are designed to win at best and cause as much grief as possible at worst.


From this logic anything OP is justified since “it’s guild WARS”.

Christ, we need balance from all these things.

Well, it’s a competitive mode, the goal is to score better than all other guilds in the same bracket. So, yes, anything OP is justified, it’s actually what makes the difference between guilds playing this event well and guilds just tagging along.

Like assigning everybody the same result score as long as they manage to hit the register button?

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