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Not sure if its a bug or supposed to be like this?(Solved)

Today in Guild Wars I use my Wulfgarok’s spell on a TDS that has low life left. TDS is the only troop the opponent has left. TDS is killed, but then summons again. Should not Wulfgarok have devoured this new TDS?

No. Different example: The enemy has troops 2-4 left. One of them is a Drake Rider, fully traited. TDS kills all three troops with its AOE spell. The Drake gets summoned when the Drake Rider dies, but takes no damage. Summoning/reviving seems to occur after a spell is over. While I wish it would be different, it is at least a consistent thing.

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Wish it was differently, but thanks, if its supposed to be like this, I guess case is solved.

It’s a bit inconsistent, though… if you kill a TDS with the first hit of an Infernus cast and it resurrects, the revived TDS will take damage from the second hit. I guess in Wulfgarok’s case the damage and the devour happen simultaneously for some reason, but I wouldn’t have expected it to be that way, to be honest :confused:

This may not be solved. I know that I have used Kraken before and killed a TDS twice: the damage killed TDS, it respawned, Kraken devoured the TDS, and it respawned again.

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I would suspect that the difference is that Kraken’s devour needs to be calculated after the hit because it needs to devour the last troop and if the last troop died from the damage already, the devour happens further up. Wulfgarok devours upon enemy death, when TDS died there was no more enemy alive, no devour happened, TDS respawned. Likely a spell order thing. You can also see that with traits like Orc Armor, Frenzy…, you see the stat increase (golden symbol) sign even when the troop actually dies. Stuff is ordered. Traits trigger after a spell is done/the troop has died, even.

If I remember correctly, if the damage done by the spell is enough to kill the troop then the devour chance is ignored. In the case of kraken, the devour chance is only on the last troop in the line but if the damage kills it, devour is ignored and not reapplied. I would guess that Wulfy would be similar and the devour was ignored and then not reapplied.