Kraken spell effect, intended or unintended?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

When the enemy has one troop left, kraken hits that enemy with BOTH shots, doing double damage. If that’s intended great but seems a little sketchy to me.

But that’s not the reason I’m posting this. I was using kraken today and had my enemy down to one troop who had an active BARRIER. Kraken fired two what should be simultaneous shots, removing the barrier AND THEN devouring him.

That’s exactly why there’s a “Then” in the spell description. Maybe they should have made it all caps?

Kraken first deals the damage and then devours the troop (if he’s going to devour). It is not simultaneous. So in your scenario it worked as intended where the first shot removed the barrier and then Kraken devoured the troop (which could have occurred even if the barrier was still there because barrier does not stop devour).

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There’s nothing in the spell description that suggests it’s TWO shots. It does damage to two enemies. Removing the barrier should end the turn, should it not?

It’s these kinds of idiosyncrasies that end up creating unintended power creep.

Devour is specifically tied to the shot hitting the last troop. Barrier should have remained whether devour proc’d or not.

This is an issue with Bone Dragon as well.

No, it’s not. It’s specifically supposed to happen AFTER the two shots, and independently. That’s what the word “Then” is for, or else it wouldn’t be there (compare with the spell description on Kerberos, for example).

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I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re trying to say but the spell worked as intended. The spell has 3 separate steps.

  1. Deal XX damage to the last two troops
  2. Create blue gems
  3. 40% possibility to devour the last troop.

Now in my experience, if the last troop was killed with the damage, it’s not going to devour the troop above (i.e. if you have 4 enemies it will deal damage to 3 & 4 and if 4 dies, it will not devour 3) however I suppose that is not really the point here.

In your scenario Kraken would remove the barrier of the last troop in step 1, create the blue gems in step 2, then devour the troop in step 3 ending the match.

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You probably seen damage from devour. Devour also shows as damage. Or his third trait damage.

Okay so it is technically working as intended.

That being said, removing barrier, doing 30 damage, and devouring in one turn is exactly the type of OP stuff that is ruining this game.

Sure, he’s rather powerful. Still, I’m not sure what’s the problem you have with the case you mentioned. Barrier does not protect form devour, so the devour alone would end the match, regardless if there’s two hits, one hit or zero before it.

If anything, the way his spell works makes him weaker, since he can never gain barrier from his devour, can’t devour a full-health troop unless it had barrier, and can’t devour a troop that would die from his damage.

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The fact that a devouring troop can acquire the barrier status effect is yet another issue but that’s for another day.

I wonder, does EK do double damage if versus only one troop?
That would be an inconsistency if the answer is no…

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Kraken does not do double damage. If there is only one troop, he does only XX damage to the troop (never 2x XX damage) and then devour is separate however it can look like damage which I think is what confused the OP.


Thanks, that’s how I thought it was happening. Got myself confused too xD

Specifically targeted spells, such as “first two” and “last two”, won’t double. But multiple random, such as Ship Cannon and Hobgoblin, will.

I will try to reproduce it. My Kraken does like 29 damage and I’m sure I’ve seen troops with over 30 life left die.

Maybe you’re getting a 4/5 match from blues after the spell hits and Tentacles is proccing for the kill? I see that a fair bit.

Kraken is a super fun troop to play with but he’s also not especially efficient. I wouldn’t place him in a top 10 list for any game mode, honestly.

Yeah, I’m not suggesting he’s necessarily overpowered, it’s just that some of these little unintended “flaws” in coding (like the resurrect bug with Infernal King) are leading to freak/fluke occurrences that feed into the frustration being felt by many that face an endless stream of Bone Dragons and the like.

I mean, I know making a game like this isn’t easy but sometimes it just feels like we’re playing an NES 8-bit AI that uses “home cooking” to mask the underlying simplistic nature of the framework.

I got into this game because of Puzzle Quest and this game barely resembles the game I started playing. It’s almost like the battles aren’t important - an “autoplay” button might be appropriate. It’s all about gathering resources just as fast as you can get them.

Erm, actually, this might not be the case.

For example, Knight Coronet is fully capable and intended to deal his spell damage twice when facing off with a singular foe. I haven’t bothered testing this with any other troops accept Reaver (which also works like Coronet), but EK and Kraken might be the same way.

I’ve never seen Kraken do double damage against a single final enemy.

But damage numbers appear when the devour occurs, so looks like it hits twice?