[NOT A BUG] Would of Been an Imperial Deed Offer but Game breaks itself weekly 🤷

I absolutely love how you guys don’t even care disenchanting troops anymore

I never disenchanted any troop, ever. It results in this after 4 years:



On topic, yeah the game doesn’t work. Add this issue to the pile.


I think with this information – that checking everyone’s collection every day is maybe a disproportionate server strain – it could be reasonable to work with the system and understand that sometimes it doesn’t quite offer something that actually helps.

In terms of “Bronze Elite Level 5 Troops” → Common troop offer, I can see how you need to have troops fully ascended and levelled etc. before you can Medal them as part of a potential roadblock which would be included in the offers, and I can also see how this particular task could be tweaked/improved to specifically offer Medals instead, given that to reach this Task you probably already have a fair few troops maxed out.

I could be reading it wrong, but I’m thinking the only case in which the second Daily Offer would have the potential to be an Imperial Deed is if all achievable Kingdom Power tasks are completed or if one of those Tasks requires an Imperial Deed (e.g. “Upgrade a Kingdom to Level 16” at Power Level 24 – currently out of reach).

They were arena offers. By giving me bug offers instead of legit offers. I may have been screwed out of an Imperial deed offer.
I’m max starred btw… ALWAYS. :person_shrugging:

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Except… I’m pretty sure they actually do check collection. About as sure as I can be from my own experiences with four accounts and anecdotal evidence from the forums without having to do large scale data gathering effort.

I’ve never gotten a troop offer for a troop I currently have at mythic, and I have multiple kingdoms across multiple accounts “blocked” by not having enough troops leveled high enough. When the slot 2 offer is a troop offer, I always get something out of the comparatively small pool that I haven’t fully ascended but are still offer eligible, usually something I forgot to ascend after getting enough copies from a recent event, or a newer bounty troop or slayer troop I never got all the way up. I have a ton of troops ascended but at level 10 and a ton of kingdoms that say I need more troops at level 20, and this pool of troops never seem to generate any offers. The chances of me having not seen a troop I already had fully ascended are at this point infinitesimally small, considering how often I get an offer for a troop because I intentionally slow level my kingdoms. At any given point, I have lets say 10 or more offer eligible troops in a kingdom fully ascended, and if I have a missing power requirement for leveling additional troop to 20, the offer will invariably be for one or two offer eligible troops in the kingdom I haven’t fully ascended.

Statements above seem to indicate that the check for having a troop be legal for an offer will consider if it needs to be medaled. In other words, if the requirement being checked is “Upgrade 22 Mist of Scales troops to level 20”, and I have a mythic ascended Scale Guard, I’m never going to see a Scale Guard offer. Under the current system. It already does this. But if I progress the kingdom far enough for “Upgrade 5 Mist of Scale troops to Elite Level Bronze”, as per the original post, they will start giving troop offers for troops already at mythic, as if having more copies of this troop will somehow contribute to the requirement for leveling them to Elite Bronze when they are already max ascended and level 20. This is out and out incorrect. A check is already taking place here. The check being applied is the wrong one and/or for the wrong offer.

This bug report makes it even more apparent, because if there aren’t any eligible slot 2 offers available, slot 2 is instead a random slot 1 type, and a ton of players were at this point for some length of time already. And also why these reports are from Mist of Scales, which is currently to my knowledge the only 21+ power kingdom, which are the only ones with elite level requirement. The “not achievable yet” is a different issue that has come up a few times in the past, but to my knowledge this has never generated offers for more copies of maxed out troops. (but also it shouldn’t be a thing, because again, collections are checked)

It should be noted troop offers, ingot offers, and pet offers appear to check different things. Some of these other checks are known to be “shallow”, for example, getting ingot offers if you have a collect x weapon requirement, or a fully level x weapons requirement where you don’t have any more weapons in your collection to level, and the type of ingots may not correlate with which weapons, if any, you need to level to overcome this battleneck. There are also reports of fully ascended pets being offered if they aren’t fully leveled yet, but having a fully leveled fully ascended pet in a kingdom where the requirement two level 20 pets does not appear to trigger any offers for the pet that is already fully ascended and leveled. On the surface, these are examples of “not checking the collection”, but really they just are checking simple criteria within the collection. “Level a troop to x” checks if is ascended far enough to do so and if so removes it as an eligible offer “level a pet to x” checks if the pet is already leveled that far and if so removes it as an eligible offer, etc.

If medals aren’t possible as a slot 2 offer, then getting elite levels on troops as an uncompleted requirement shouldn’t trigger any offers to take place. Right now what appears to be happening is the game is using missing elite level requirements to check for “more copies” troop offers, with the secondary check being any troop not at least that specified elite level (out of the greater eligible set) being eligible to trigger said “more copies” offers.

I could be more sure with a large data gathering effort, but in this case “proving it doesn’t actually work that way” doesn’t even get us anything tangible, it’d still work the way it does now for whatever reason it actually does and then the issue would have to be raised again to (maybe) just get a better explanation of why it actually works this way. Instead, I’d like to ask @Kafka to please check with the team about this. If you are at a point in kingdom star progression where needing elite levels is an uncompleted task, this should not trigger offers for getting more copies of troops you haven’t elite leveled yet. Since there aren’t appropriate slot2 offers to progress elite level, this should not trigger any slot 2 offers. Whether or not collections are actually checked and to what degree, missing elite levels as a kingdom power bottleneck should not be a criteria for any slot 2 offer.


Mm, thinking about it, this is probably the same for me. With all that, I think there probably is room for the offers to be generated a bit more elegantly.

  • E.g. if an incomplete “Upgrade X Troops to level 20” then checks the player’s collection for that Kingdom, and offers additional copies of a non-Mythic-ascended Troop,

    • it then stands to reason that an incomplete “Fully upgrade X Weapons”, which quite possibly then checks which rarities of Weapons aren’t fully upgraded to offer the appropriate Ingots, could also check whether or not the player already has enough of that Ingot rarity to fully upgrade a Weapon (or all Weapons, even?) if they wanted to, and then not go ahead with making that offer.

It does make sense to me that it may well be implemented as:

  • Check incomplete Power Level requirements
  • → Check relevant aspect of collection if necessary

Which would seem already much more optimised than automatically checking an entire collection every day for offer #2.

True, my bad!


To summarize the issue into one post:

The daily offers are only configured to work through Kingdom Power level 20.

If you have a kingdom AT 20, you’re given “progression offers” for an event key. I get this almost every day.

If you have a kingdom at 21, you’re given “progression offers” for copies of troops you already have at mythic.

Daily offers either need to be disabled at KP >19, or new offers need to be added (medals+deeds) for those power levels.

This is a problem because it wastes half of our offer slots and half of our arena rewards. This bug is singlehandedly ruining the arena reward system and should be very high priority.


@Kafka, @Saltypatra
Could you please pass this feedback to the team ?
Either new offers need to be bind to KP20/KP21 requirements, or Kingdoms above KP19 should be treated as “we cannot offer anything usefull so here’s a generic 1st slot offer”.


Looks like I should go and medal 5 Mist of Scale troops to stop this… We can help devs by fixing own bugs:)

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Day 2 of me missing the crap offers. Crap offers are better than bugged offers I guess. My bad for raising my kingdom stars I guess? And no I’m not going to end the bug by wasting medals on a troop I don’t want to enhance yet. This is dumb and the product of just half assed coding.



Perhaps this bug makes a case why players shouldn’t get the same offers repeatedly thrown into their face because the devs don’t want to offer the ones we actually franking want!

Yeah… Same offer from the arena… Two days in a row. Because when something is weighted super high (like troop offers) and something is weighted super low (like imperial deed offers) I’m going to get spammed with the bug offers until the devs decide to get around to actually fixing this. Which yeah… Isn’t a game breaking bug. But is a bug caused by half ass work that they should be ashamed of.

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source-1 Screenshot_20201013-132041

Not a bug, but could be worth mentioning that this was the exact same pattern as what I had yesterday from the arena offers.
Troop offer, troop offer, delve offer. (Yesterday)
↑, ↑, ↓ (exact same as yesterday’s offer) (today).

I would absolutely love to see, if you skip an arena offer (not purchase, and not a daily offer) then the exact same offer can’t be issued from the arena for a week.

Biggest difference between arena offers and daily offers is daily offers aren’t earned.

And though everything in life and game is a choice. End gamers with the goal of being max power, don’t have the choice of skipping out on the arena runs if they want the best chance of completing that goal.
RNG is hard enough to over come…bugged software makes it frustratingly impossible. :pensive:


The Arena offers are random, this is not a bug.

I think this game is a joke from a higher power to see how they can manipulate masses and bend them to do what they want.

They got everyone stuck in an ant farm.

So glad I am now on the outside tapping on the glass.

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Being offered troops that I already have at Mythic ascension isn’t a bug? It’s not just the arena offers. But the daily offers as well.
And it just happened to start this week solely with Mist of Scales troops and the kingdom power status found in the OP.

You know this process would be a lot easier if your first instinct wasn’t to instantly dismiss these things as not bugs when they clearly are bugs.

It wasn’t my idea to have bug reports solely be on the forums where everyone can partake in them.


Here since scrolling up to the start of the thread seems to be asking too much.

Hi Kafka,

I think you’re just replying to the previous post about offer variance, which is separate from the problem of KP 20 and 21 causing daily offers to be bugged. I just want to make absolutely sure this gets seen, because it’s a big problem. Have a great evening!

@Kafka how does this help get Mist of Scales to 22 Stars?