[Not a bug] Punishment for owning all the troops in the game?

I can’t recall ever being offered this useless offer before.

But it’s been a long time since I’ve owned all the troops in the game. That recently changed last Thursday.
I could share screen shots of how many orbs and TS I have but I know the game doesn’t check that. So what have I done successfully in the game to warrant the useless offer nerf?


I got that offer a couple weeks ago despite missing two troops at the time, it’s a rarely offered (not a) deal. Given that it’s in the VIP slot, I don’t think your kingdom power progress would have any bearing on which offer you get in that offer slot, just the middle slot can generate kingdom specific offers. I do agree with you though that a wisdom orb and 1000 souls for 350 gems is a horrible deal.


Its like when you get offered ingots to upgrade weapons, but you literally have 1000s and 1000s of ingots, you just don’t have the weapon(s) to use them on.


Have you got all the dungeon dragons too awryan ?

I have always owned all the troops (except currently a couple of dungeon dragons - dupes dupes dupes) and for years have consistently had similarly rubbish offers - and rarely had anything useful come up.

Don’t take it personally :rofl:

Just confirming what Madd said, the VIP Offer is random and doesn’t have anything to do with account progress outside of VIP, so this is not a bug.

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