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[Not a bug] 'Tis the Season achievement problem

XBox One

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I’ve equipped Medal of Summer and achievement doesn’t pop.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I equipped Badge, switch to Medal, fight battle with and without equipped, cleared xbox cache and still nothing.

Bonjour votre médaille va se transformer en médaille de saison à la fin de l’événement c’est à dire la semaine prochaine au reset. Ce n’est que la vous pourrez vous equiper de ce dernier et debloquer le succes.


At trueachievents forum user DrSchlepenstein has clarified it to me

In that image what you have equipped is a Medal of Summer. That is not a Medal of Seasons which is why it isn’t working. In the corner of that image though you will see the Badge of Seasons, you need 3 of those to make a medal.

If that is the current Guild Event medal (I haven’t played Gems since the last one), then when the event ends, that Medal of Summer (and any other Tokens/Badges of Summer you have) will convert over to a Medal of Seasons (and Tokens/Badges of Seasons). You will permanently lose the Medal of Summer as they are only valid during the event, but once the event ends you will have a Medal of Seasons.

It will unequip if you are currently using the Medal of Summer when the event ends (as it disappears/converts), so you’ll just need to go back into the Medal menu and equip the Medal of Seasons then. At that time the achievement should pop.