[Reported] Badge of Summer crashing the game

Platform: PC
Device version : 4.8.0r19753
Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When adding the new Badge of Summer through the Badges and Medals menu the game crash, I would had assume that I would get the effect of the badge after leaving the menu.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Out of the 10 time I tried 100%, and that is on my three tab where I can have my badge set up.

Steps to make it happen again
Boot the title;
Play until you gathered a Badge of Summer;
Go In Badges and Medals menu;
Attempt to use the Badge of Summer (In any slot, or tab)
Leave the Menu;
Game crash, istead of continue.

Ty too look into it,


@Andavaanan I checked your account and you shouldn’t own a Medal of Summer so it shouldn’t be able to be equipped. Can you try switching the Medal to something else and exiting the medal menu to see if that saves without the error message?
If that works please open the medal menu and take a screenshot of your medal of summer (unequipped so I can see how many you own on your screen)


hey Kafka,

So here is the situation, Badge of Summer (you are right I dont have any Medal of Summer) seem to be the only one I have, my accout is old but with a big gap in time inbetwen my play time(if that info can help). here is a screen grab of my Badge and Medals menu.

but at the same time,

So I hope this help out,


what on earth… Actually knowing you took a break for a long time is very helpful. I just closed most my work tools for the day so could you tell me roughly when the last time you played before you came back was?

I’ll let the Dev looking into why this is happening know tomorrow.

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Ok so I dont know the exact date but it would be around jully 2015,

this is the last buying I did in the game, so it would be around there somewhere… I am sorry I dont have more precis inforamtion to give you,

hope it helps,


the problem seem to be fix, My badge of Gaard where remove and know I can rock the 2 badge of seasons I got

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I think it’s a bug with your account data because you came back after such a long time, it shouldn’t happen again now that you’ve unequipped the medals but if it does happen again please let me know.