[Not a bug] The devil should be smarter than this


If you take it, you actually lose. The 10% bonus puts you at 110% life. 10% of that is 11%. 110% - 11% = 99%. Therefore, you have less than you started with, making this “deal” a bad idea. If only the Devs did their math.


Yet, we would get asked “Are you sure you want to leave?” When offered a life reduction.

Completing a high level trial and clicking too fast, nah, they didn’t need those pets, they will have another chance in about 2 years.


Hello :slight_smile:

Just a heads up that this is a currently known issue to the development team which has already been reported.

There has also already been a quality of life request specifically for this issue that the team will take into consideration.

Thank you for understanding :slight_smile:


Since it looks like you’re in charge of bug reports now perhaps you would consider resurrecting this :

The place players are supposed to check to see if something is a known issue so they don’t waste time reporting known issue and you don’t waste time reading known issues.

At this time the website hasn’t been updated in 4 months.