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[Not a bug] Stats not being added to troops

Platform, device version and operating system:
Android (10)

Screenshot or image:
N/A - I can show you my wrong stats, but don’t think that can help to show why the stats are wrong.

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
My troops are not gaining stats from all sources as expected after the latest patch. I will give some examples with my troop Rowanne and the armor stat which has been riddled with issues. In all these cases I am considering the same class and medals, typically for me at the time the class was Sentinel and 3 armor medals (+24 armor).
issue #1: day after the patch I logged in and my Rowanne was minus 5 armor as identical team/medals/etc. This was on a wednesday or thursday mid-week.
Issue #2. Monday the next week the atifact bonus was +5 armor. I completed all the tasks on tuesday to complete the artifact. Then checked my Rowanne team again. Rowanne is unchanged. I do not see the +5 armor.
Issue #3: on a later week/monday. I logged in the first time at ~7am cst. my guild had only partially completed basic guild tasks, Rowanne armor was 84. Guild completed an additional armor task, Rowanne armor went DOWN to 80. Guild completed magic task. Noted other troops did not seem to get the +2 magic, but did not have the prior look for comparison, though it seems to be -2 what it should be. Later we completed a second armor task (epic), now Rowanne armor went DOWN to 76. No changes in class or medals or anything else on my side. Why is it going DOWN when it should go UP with no changes at all on my side?
In all these cases I am 100% certain my comparisons are with same medals and class does not impact this (or in most cases did not even change).
I have tried closing and restarting the game - no difference.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This started after the patch a few weeks ago. Now I experience it weekly , and there is noting I can do to get the right stats or change any stats after it happens.

Steps to make it happen again
Have any temporary stat your troops should receive, particularly from guild tasks and artifacts in my experience.

Please address this promptly. The stats are the fundamental part of this game that we keep playing the game for. If this cannot work solidly, then there is no confidence in the rest of the game.

You are likely overlooking something. There are other sources for stat bonuses you didn’t list, e.g. team composition synergies and weekly event boosts. Some game modes lock in stat bonuses, e.g. a delve run will use the permanent stat bonuses a run was started with for all rooms, even if you increase those in between. Revered/Accursed traits also add/remove two random stat points at the start of the battle.

Take a screenshot of the bonus tab of your team, before and after those stat changes, and post them here. It will make it easier to figure out what is going on.


Thanks for the prompt response, though I disagree. Let me describe the case from yesterday further which I listed as issue #3. I was using the same team with same medals the entire time. The game modes I was playing were: dungeon, adventure, explore, pvp. Any boosts from weekly event will not change in this case.
Aside from issues I mentioned yesterday, I observed again later I did not get the second +2 magic bonus for the epic guild task either. Actually you can see this in the images I have attached for rowanne. Rowanne did not get the +2 magic and also lost 3 attack somehow. These are just images of the troops in the main troop screen.

I also noticed something odd on the hero bonuses screen while taking screenshots for you. When I took a screenshot of this earlier today, the armor value was 56, but just now I looked at it again and it has gone down to 50. Attack went up from 35 to 38, magic stayed the same at 31. How can that be? The only thing I did in between was complete the world event, which should have added +2 magic. Armor and attack should not have changed. How much of these stats apply to troops? Why not show medals and artifacts here? How about adding a popup or tab on the troop or something so you can see every bonus adding to it?

I don’t know if it can be related, but I did also switch guilds maybe a month back.

I will attach the images in separate responses as the mail was too large and did not go through the first time.


It is not allowing me to mail multiple images. Is there another way I can provide those or need to attach them here?

Just drag & drop them in. Make sure they aren’t excessively large, you can get down the size by saving them as gif.

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You might have switched weapons, you get bonus stats from the first five weapon upgrades.

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It might be the case that the OP’s account is too new to post images—no fault of their own, but caught up in anti-spam measures.

Also switching guilds as mentioned could have an effect if previous guild unlocked more tasks and granted more stats. Hard to say without the visual — maybe try uploading pictures one at a time? That’s always worked better for me than trying to do batches :man_shrugging:

It’s hard to comment without seeing the pictures. If you can’t upload them here, maybe upload to something like imgur and post a link?

Some general comments on the subject though:

  • On guild task completion: when a guild task is completed, the boost from it lasts for 7 days exactly. It doesn’t go away at reset. And if the same task is completed again within those 7 days, the bonus it gives doesn’t increase, it just gets added another 7 days on it. So for example, week 1 your guild completes brown task on Wednesday, you get +4 armour at that time. Next week, at reset, your +4 armour doesn’t go away, it’s still there until Wednesday. Now let’s say your guild completes brown task on Monday, you do NOT get an extra +4 armour - instead, your +4 armour continues until the next Wednesday. So you could have instances where the armour bonus seems to go down when a task is completed, but that could be because the bonuses from some other tasks expired at the same time.

  • To make things more confusing, in my experience the guild guardians don’t accurately show which guild bonuses are active, so they’re completely useless for keeping track of that :frowning: Watch the “Bonuses” tab in troops list to see the current guild task bonuses.

  • Be mindful that where you look at the troop matters - in team, it will show all bonuses applied. In troop list, it will not include medal, artifact or team bonuses, including pet bonuses, but it will include all others (guild task, kingdom power, renown). For troubleshooting this, it’s best to go to troops menu, select the team you’re working with and then check the “Bonuses” tab to see where the skill bonuses are coming from.

Another thing to consider: different classes will affect your team differently, depending in traits and/or team bonus(es) for being of a certain type or belonging to a certain kingdom.

Thanks for the feedback so far. I hope the images answer the questions. It is the same class and same weapon.
I never noticed the troops → bonuses tab before. That is the type of info I was looking for. I guess the thing still missing there is the base info for a troop without any of the bonuses - then you could see they all add up or not.
I was also not aware of the guild bonuses lasting exactly a full week rather than changing right at reset - quite unexpected!

With that in mind, I still would expect to see some different stats. In this case either way we have maxed magic, so I would expect the same value as last week if all else was equal, but I don’t see that and did not see that raise after we closed that task (as shown in the images).

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Rowanne gaining +3 attack is from the basic guild task kicking in. Your guild tasks screenshot doesn’t show it, you’d have to scroll to the left.
Your hero changing stats is from either the weapon you last fought with, the class you last fought with or both. Depending on where you view hero stats from they only update after a fight, not when fiddling around with teams. Note that your world screenshot says “Archer” in the upper left, your team screenshot “Dragonguard”.

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Exhaustive list of sources of Armor for Rowanne in particular:

  • Kingdom Bonuses
  • Guild Bonuses
  • Renown Bonuses
  • Pet bonuses (2+ unique Forest of Thorns troops will give Armor)
  • Color bonuses (4 unique blue troops give Armor)
  • Medal Bonuses
  • Campaign Artifact bonuses
  • Troop trait bonuses (“Elemental Shield: Allied Elementals gain 2 Armor” or “Revered: All allies gain 2 random skill points”)
  • Faction Hoard bonuses while in specific delves
  • Certain class traits (Warden gives all allies 5 Armor, Hierophant has the Revered skill giving 2 random skill points)
  • Class talent trees (Light has level 40 Armor of Light: +4 Armor to all troops)
  • In a fight, some enemy troops have Accursed which reduces 2 random skill points
  • Any percentage bonuses for the week that might affect a troop (10% bonus to stats)
  • The class you mentioned, Sentinel, has no Armor bonuses that would apply to Rowanne. Neither does Dragonguard (in another picture you posted), but Archer does (Level 40 Wall of Vines: green allies gain 5 Armor)

As I mentioned before, all my comparisons for rowanne team are with the same hero dragonguard and same team, weapon (urskaya shield), etc. I did do some pvp in between with a totally different team which uses archer. Not this one. The guild attack bonus is already collected in both cases, not just one. Pictures should all be from the same day a few hours apart. Same team, same weekly bonus… all that should be moot. I am looking at the team the same way in all cases (via the main troops menu) and one of the images shows that team.

The only thing said that might explain some of the behavior is the comment that guild tasks last 7 full days vs ending at reset as last week we maxed all guild bonuses, but not yet this week. However, for the magic stat bonus, it is maxed both weeks, so should be the same, except the weekly bonus potentially withstanding and also the artifact bonus this week. Can you confirm what the weekly event bonus was last week? Is there somewhere I can see base troop stats adjusted for rarity?

Something like this?

From: http://gowdb.com/troops/6087

Thanks mitamata. yes with that I can see the numbers add up. I think most of my experience can be chalked up to the way the guild tasks last for 7 full days, so if your guild completed more tasks the prior week, you can see that drop off mid-week. Maybe it was mentioned as well, but there may also be some delay in one or more of the views in seeing the changes.