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[Not a Bug] Rok'Gar the Guardian not creating potions properly



The text does not match the effect. The potions only appear if an enemy is stunned.

It has happened since release.

It can be recreated in any match where an opponent isnt stunned.


Bug report, or “bug report”? This version of the spell makes the troop more reliable, as potions can’t appear and overwrite 4+ matches.


My Rok’Gar is creating potions without any stunned enemies. Annoying that they sometimes overwrite your skull matches though!

Spell is creating potions for me too, with no stunned enemies.

On Playstation.

He creates mana potions for me too, without any enemies stunned.

But I am wondering why they created a troop, that can destroy a skull like up by replacing skulls with mana potion just converted from blue. :exploding_head::scream:

Doomed Blade/Doomed Club comes to Mind…
And that is why he has been nicknamed the Doomed Orc or Dorc :rofl:

Because they don’t have any idea about how the game works!



All the new potion troops suck. 50% chance to turn against you.

Hey everyone!

Thanks for posting this. I’ve tested Rok’Gar the Guardian’s spell on our end and it is working as intended creating a potion each time it was cast.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective: