[Not a Bug] Ironhawk third trait not working vs specific troops

Platform, device version and operating system:
Xbox Series S - version 6.2.0r33694

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Level 1 Explore in Grosh-Nak. My Team: Dust Devil, Ironhawk, Ironhawk, Ironhawk (all fully traited).

Opposition team has either Orc or Summoner troop in team. In example below, Orc used (which starts with 5 armor and 10 health) but same issue happens with Summoner.

My Dust Devil uses spell which deals 5 damage to Orc, plus 3x5 damage from the three Ironhawks final trait (total 20 damage). Dust Devil recovers 5 damage from first trait so net damage should be 15 to Orc (should result in troop being defeated).

However result is Orc remains at 5 armor and 10 health as started (Dust Devil 5 damage is being inflicted which is replaced by 5 recovery from Orc’s first trait, but the Ironhawks damage is not triggering.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This happens every time when an Orc or Summoner is in the opposition team in explore (this issue does not happen if the team doesnt have Orc or Summoner)

Steps to make it happen again
Set team as per above - load up explore and start battle by casting Dust Devil spell - will work as planned if there is no Orc or Summoner in team, will not do the correct damage if either of these are in the team.

I think, there is no bug happening here. Troops with the “Orc Armor” trait gain 5 armor every time they take damage. I have noticed this, if for example an Orc is bleeding, burning and poisoned. If poison triggers, the Orc will get 1 damage from poison, 1 damage from bleed and 3 damage from burning. After that, it will have 10 armor more than before, as it gains 15 armor from getting damaged 3 times and the three different damage types inflict only 5 damage in total.

Edit: Small correction on this example, in this case the Orc will have 12 armor more, as the 1 damage caused by bleed and poison goes to life, as both are true damage. So only 3 of the 5 damage caused by the status effects reduces armor, meaning the Orc will gain 12 armor in total and lose 2 life.

Obviously, your Ironhawk team is damaging the Orc 4 times, causing it to regenerate 20 armor. At least, this is how I would explain this and it seems consistent to me, as traits are always executed one after the other, never all at once. As the inflicted damage is 5 times each, the total change is exactly none. I didn´t try this out, but you should be able to see this more detailed, if you reduce game speed to x1.


Ah yes i think you may be correct - i was thinking of the attack as “one transaction” therefore only one healing of 5 points, however as you mention if the game treats each of these as separate transactions then the Orc troop would heal 4 x 5 points which fully recovers the damage dealt. That makes more sense now.

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Hey all,

Just wanted to jump in quick to also just confirm the “attack” is broken down into each component for applying the Orc Armor.
While it is “one move”, within it is each instance of damage, in your example being from the Dust Devil + 3 Ironhawk Troops. So, the Orc Armor would trigger for each.

But y’all beat me to it :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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