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[NOT A BUG] Artillery Support interaction with Orc Armor is broken

I give detailed Bug Reports and then receive zero acknowledgement of these reports from the expanded support staff as of late. So my bug is reported in the subject line, do with it what you want. But I’m done wasting time on issues y’all don’t even feel the need to address. (Not fix mind you, just acknowledge that it exists. 🤷)

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@Kafka Artillery Support (Ironhawk’s Third Trait) doesn’t do any damage to troops that have Orc Armor as a trait. = Broken Mechanic


I tested this in Explore.

Ironhawk Artillery Support triggers first, doing damage to all opponents as expected. Then Orc Armor triggers. Which replaces the armor lost.
If the Orc Troop was at full armor, it appears to cancel out because it is reduced then instantly restored to full. However, both traits do trigger.

Also tested on an enemy troop with the Orc Armor trait, that had no armor. The damage is dealt to health as intended, following this Orc Armor triggers giving 5 armor.

Both these mechanics and interactions are working as they are intended to. Based on the test myself & another team member went through.

Jeto - Support Team :woman_mage:t2:


If there’s 2 Ironhawk’s on a team then 10 damage should be done to the troop right?
10 armor comes off, 5 armor gets added. The Orc Trait shouldn’t activate twice per one cast from the opponent. The damage should stack as one time?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but these are two different Ironhawks each doing 5 damage. Why would it stack as 10 damage and one cast?

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Maybe seeing will better explain the issue. Dervish is cast. Based on the cast and traits 15 damage should be done. Instead 0 damage is done. Why wouldn’t it stack considering the way the traits are described?

If I am reading the response from jeto correctly, both ironhawks trigger simultaneously and before the orc armor. In your explanation, you think that one ironhawk should trigger then the orc armor and then the other ironhawk. That doesn’t make sense.

If it doesn’t stack then how did 25 damage get through?

So one troops trait stacks on gem matches… But another troops traits doesn’t stack on casts…

That makes zero sense.

Your math is off here. It was 20 damage.

Starting values:

9 armour, 114 health

Ending values:

5 armour, 98 health

There was no stacking involved. Let me know if you need this further clarified.

25 damage was done. Then 5 armor was added.

“Clarify” this then.

Or is damage different from reduction traits in how stacked traits work?

I didnt say it doesn’t stack. I said that both ironhawks trigger before the orc armor does. It’s that simple. It’s kinda like how a stack resolves in M:tG

That’s one way to look at it. Or you could just go one by one through each troop (as I imagine it was done) and the math ends up the same - 10 damage done, 5 armour added each time.

In your second example, there are no counter-traits to reverse the effect. How exactly do you want a 16 attack reduction per gem match clarified?

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If something is stacked it happens concurrently… It’s not supposed to trigger 4 different times.
If someone uses 4 Megavores on a team and they match 4 or More gems only one time. Only the 4th troop on the opponents team can die. Not all 4 opponents from one matching of Gems.

So your premise is that the same type of trait always stacks. Let’s let the devs clarify if this is indeed the case - as of yet I haven’t heard you or them suggest that’s the case.

What? As soon as the dev commented I asked about stacking. It’s been my whole point this entire time.

Perhaps my wording could have been clearer. Do you have concrete proof from the devs that these traits should stack?

It’s been stated about Megavore in the past. I’m here to make a bug report. Not make a case to a jury or judges appointed by self righteousness.

Then make a proper bug report like everyone else. It’s no wonder you don’t get replies.

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Lol…I did … probably a hundred by now at least.

But sick burn dude.


Let’s all pause, I’m just getting some clarification from some of the Team and I’ll write up this response for everyone :sparkles: