(Not A Bug) I want report a bug

let’s assume the original attack is 20. After the Mang stole the attack, it will increase to 100. The the effects of the entangle could change both the attack and energy into 0. While the entangle remains, If I use Mang again, when the effects of Entangle finished, the stolen attack will also be removed. My attack will become the original 20, rather than 100. Which means the Mang I used second time didn’t affect at all

While you are Entangled, all Attack is 0. So if you gain +100 Attack but you’re Entangled, then it counts as +0.

It may not be clear at first, but that’s how it’s intended to work and it’s not a bug.


While the troop is entangled it can’t lose or gain attack.
Same thing is with Web status effect. While troop is webbed it can’t gain or lose magic.

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What was the defense that you were facing?
For Mang to boost your attack the defense needs to have Armor.

The reason I asked what the troops were is because certain troops can lower your attack.
The information you are providing is insufficient to gain help efficiently.
Perhaps using the “bug report” category with the template made by the devs and answering those questions will lead to a much more stream lined resolution.