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No +attack bonuses for Entangled troops

(First of all, I seen this thread, but I am not convinced).

Platform, device version and operating system
Windows 10 x64

Screenshot or image
Not needed

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Entangle reduces attack to 0. And I can recover from it. But… any +attack bonuses will be missed during entangle. It looks wrong for me: nothing in Entangle description suggest this effect.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Always, since engine change, I believe. I.e. about year already.

Steps to make it happen again
Well, Mang doesn’t give any attack boosts, for example.

Side notice: Web must work the same way for magic. Anyone checked if it’s possible to gain magic while Web is in effect?

By design.

When you are Entangled, your Attack is forced to 0, and the game stores what your attack was. When you’re detangled, your original attack is restored.

Any buffs or debuffs to attack that happen while entangled fizzle.

This was explained in the thread that didn’t convince you. It’s also been explained in 8 or 9 threads since that one from last year. It is the way it is.

Sorry, it isn’t explained in quoted thread. It simply said (as you said this time too) “It work this way”. Yes, I know that it works this way. I myself described it in my bug report. And as for me, it’s a bug still, while nothing in Entangle description says “prevent acquiring of any Attack bonuses”. And “8-9 threads before” only can convince me that I am not alone who puzzled with this design, sorry.

It isn’t in the current in-game description, but it was stated in the update notes here when the change went live:

So this is the “intended” way it works.


Yup. When you’re Entangled, your Attack is 0. If you gain Attack, you gain +0. It’s specifically intended.

I am still not convinced, as this reply can mean only that buffs must not work while Entangle is in effect. But I see no use to argue more. Thank you for your time.