Royal Decree bug or intentional?

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
My first troop was entangled, lowering its Attack to 0. I cast Queen Ysabelle Royal Decree against the entangled troop. I expected the troop to gain 15 Attack and Armor, then do the attack damage (15) to the first enemy. Instead, my first troop was given 0 Attack and 15 Armor, and did 0 damage to the first enemy. When Entangle went away, the 15 attack was not accumulated to the troop as well.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Get Entagle cast against an ally troop. Use royal decree against the ally.

Sorry, no screenshots.

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An entangled troop won `t get any attack buff for the duration of the entangle.

I believe that is intentional. Any spell or trait that buffs the attack of an entangled troop does not add attack (by design). Also, since that spell states that it adds attack and then deals that troop’s attack as damage, then it is going to do 0 damage by definition.


We been told it was intended but maybe salty will tell us they will fix on pc soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Entangle can really screw you over. Imagine using Justice to gain attack over and over on an entangled troop still gets you zero attack.

No worry you will get 200 health, most of time you can kill 2-3 troop only with justice and mab so entangle is not really a problem there

The tip for entangle says “Entangled troops have their Attack reduced to zero.”, it does not state that they cannot receive buffs to attack. It also does not state that they cannot do damage, and does not state their attack remains at zero.

If it says “Entagled troops attack power remains at zero”, then I would anticipated this to be working as expected.

Entangle used to be removed by attack buffs and was changed about a year ago:

This is a little unclear with the in-game text for Entangled, but at the end of the day it is working as intended.


Huh… Thanks… Its a strange change to me, but I supposed it is as the devs intended…

they should put a pinned thread about how each mechanics like frozen, entangle and devour work and keep them up to date. also for specific wording like destroy, remove and explode.

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This ‘intended’ function is still a little counter-intuitive. A nuance that’d improve it: while entangled, attack buffs change underlying attack stat, it still shows the zero value while entangled but returns to the new (buffed) value once the entangle effect wears off.

Also @Shimrra is there good guidance in the Zendesk stuff on this?


@Jainus, It is worth noting that the underlying attack stat is NOT modified while entangle is active… Even this would have made sense to me… But the fact that entangle negates all attack buffs (underlying or active) is a little strange.

But what is more weird is entangled troop can still deal status effect on skull matches


Agree. They all need sorting out. Including the ‘intended’ ones (like the Assassin third trait apparently is).

Also, if you’re entangled and match skulls, you get frozen by Bone Dragon’s third trait when you don’t actually hit him. Also daft.

Entangle should disable all traits associated with skull matches, unless a 4+ match is made and a point of attack damage gets through.


There’s just the general “Status Effects” guide, the entry for Entangle reads as follows:

“Entangle reduces a troop’s Attack stat to 0, and prevents that troop from gaining attack by any means. This prevents some reactions based on skull damage, such as ‘inflict a debuff on dealing skull damage’.”

Could stand to be modified maybe…

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