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[NOT A BUG] Hound of Yao Guai Not Receiving Correct Magic Boost

Platform, device version and operating system:
Desktop Windows 10

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Hound of Yao Guai only gets 1 point magic boost from War Elephant, not 2.

War Elephant has only ever applied 21 Life and that’s applied correctly.

Update: It could be I misunderstand how Magic works. Hound’s actual Magic goes up 2, but he only gains 1 attack (as described on card).

For Flame Maiden and Mermaid their Magic goes up 2 and their damage as described on card also goes up 2.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Since getting Hound of Yao Guai.

Steps to make it happen again
Seems to be every time in Bounty, whether first battle or several in a row, every level, etc.

I have War Elephant (mythic, all traits) in first position with Hound of Yao Guai (mythic, all traits) in second, Flame Maiden (mythic, all traits) and Mermaid following (mythic, first trait).

When War Elephant attacks, Flame Maiden and Mermaid both get 2 points added to their Magic, but Hound of Yao Guai only adds one point to Magic.

Haven’t tried with other troops that boost magic or other skills.

Hound of Yao Guai only scales on half magic, meaning that he would need to gain 2 points of magic to increase his spell’s attack gain by 1. Not a bug.

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How did you identify it scale half magic? I appreciate the information, just curious to know how to identify that. For example, it’d could change whether I get get a troop with glory, or how many of it, if it were a half scaler.



Skull Crack (10 Red/Purple)
Explode 3 Skulls. Gain [(Magic / 2) + 1] Attack.

If you’re on discord, there’s also Garyatrics bot or you could check Taran’s website GoW Troop Spoilers (although it takes a while to load past troops)

You can also derive it manually by looking at the card.

If your dude has a Magic stat of 20 (visible when you go to cast your spell — looks sort of like a crystal ball) and a purple effect in the spell description that is 20, you know the spell has a 1:1 relationship (magic:effect).

If the number is different, algebra:

A purple number of 10?

Magic(x) = 10 —> Magic/2

A purple number of 11?

Magic(x)+(y) [since we know the integer x can’t go into the prime] —> Magic/2 + 1


blindnighto and Magnusimus, thank you both. Mangunsimus, you get the virtual coookie though for explaining how to figure it out from information on the card. Though me and math…



Thanks to everyone who explained this so quickly. <3