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[Not a bug] GW Scoring issue?

iOS 13.3.1 (iPad), latest GoW patch (4.8.0r19261)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

In War 1 and War 3 this week, despite having all troops in the mana color of the day and inning quickly and efficiently, I received ~2700 points when typically I would receive ~3100-3350 points. All other battles appear to provide the expected and typical number of points. Feels like either something has changed in GW scoring or there is a bug somewhere (it’s almost like the GW algo doesn’t think their are 4 troops in the mana color for the day.)

Interestingly, War 2 appeared to be as I would have expected it based on previous GW.

Acct: TheGrandPatron

It sounds like you didn’t use 24 unique troops on defense.



Good call. I messed this up on Sunday night experimenting with 2 TPKs and didnt realize it was a GW defense lineup. Thanks.

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