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(Not a Bug) Casting one Great Maw disables my second one

Platform, device version and operating system:

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I cast one Great Maw, expected to be able to cast my second Great Maw later on: instead, both Great Maws were disabled after cast.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every time 2 Great Maws are in the same team.

Steps to make it happen again
Put more than one Great Maw in the team, and cast one of the Great Maws’ spell.


Unless something has changed, one-time spells are one time for the entire team per battle. So the behavior you’re seeing is just what I expect to happen.


Really? If so, and despite the potentially misleading phrasing, please mark this topic as solved/closed.



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For someone is working good for someone no

We have irongut to cast devour every time with the right troops.
We have zull that we can cast him as manny times as we want
But we cant have 2 maw’s in our team to cast 1 time each loool.

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Mythic cards.

Legendary card.

That’s not even going into the secondary effect of the Great Maw spell, which would conveniently chain-fill a Great Maw only team for a feeding frenzy. Yep, loool, quite obviously.


Keep in mind that we have troops in the class event that are immune to devour,so fun times useing 2 maw’s in your team wont help that much.I dont mind that we cant cast 2 maw’s but that just funny to me lol

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I have 2 maw in team and I can cast multiple of him

Keep in mind that we have troops in other game modes that are not all immune to devour. Great Maw isn’t restricted to the Monster/Drifting Lands class event that comes up about twice a year.

Odd: link to the video here


That’s… interesting. Was your second Great Maw already filled up when you cast the spell of the first one?

Edit: Very wild guess, you bought a lot of shop tiers, allowing your troops to start out blessed. As unintended side effect, bless also prevents the “One-Time Spell Was Cast” debuff to get applied. The first Great Maw got the debuff because casting a spell removes Bless, the second one didn’t get the debuff. This feels like such a hilarious explanation that it has a good chance to be true. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hey you are right about this one lol

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*Sigh* I’ll open a bug report.


I think maw is working as intended. Casting 1 maw disables the 2nd . At 1 time you could do 2 seperate maws but they fixed that.

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they shore fixed that…next time

Hey this is working as intended :slight_smile:

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Thanks, maybe can nudge the spell description to be slightly clearer so the next blur person like me doesn’t come here crying foul :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue:

Muchas Gracias!


So, should I assume it is the same behavior for the 8 troops with the “One-Shot Spell” effect ?

Yes (less than 10)