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[WORKING ON A FIX] The Archdeva not "One Cast Only"

Platform, device version and operating system:
PC/ Steam

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was not expecting “Fist of Heaven” to summon “The Archdeva”, but since he is a Divine, it was summoned and allowed to collect mana, after the original had his cast on hero.
Then the Summoned copy collect their mana and cast on Mercy, as the images show.
I was not expecting to have the second copy allowed to collect mana and cast after the original had his cast, since the spell can be triggered once per battle.
I was expecting if the “copy” was summoned, it had the “forbidden” sign, meaning the spell was already cast in the given battle.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This was in a training battle.
Original enemy team was Zuul’Goth, The Archdeva, Fist of Heaven, Leprechaun.

Steps to make it happen again
Put one “The Archdeva” on the team and hope for another to be summoned after the original had its cast.


Documented behaviour with single-cast troops once the Copycat troop was released, claimed to be ‘Not a bug’ despite all evidence of it being programming shortcomings/oversights (details given in the linked thread were deleted by a Mod who used to delete stuff she disliked).

Adjust expectations accordingly.
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Is it maybe meant to imply one cast for that specific troop? If you have a team of 4 great maws, can they all cast once?


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If I have 2 of the same “one cast only” troop on the team I expect to be able to cast both, whether the second was on the team initially or I summoned it.
Not a bug IMHO.


Hmmmm :thinking: Something’s not right :joy:


From what I hear it’s only supposed to be able to cast once even though you have more than one copy on a team. But in all honesty that really doesn’t make sense to me. If you got two on a team each one should be able to cast once but that’s just me.

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Since summoned troops seems to ignore the “1 cast” condition, I’ve marked as “not a bug”.

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The side note specifically says the spell can only be cast once per battle, so it shouldn’t matter if the troop was summoned or present from the beginning. So I advise you change this back.

Oh snap! Homeboy pulled the summoned troop exception card!!

Hey team! We’ve done a bunch of testing on our side, and there aren’t many ways to summon Archdeva in game, but they do exist, and when it is summoned it can cast again. We are working on a fix for a consequent update. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. Great work, team. <3


@alv-thanos either you or Salty (probably you) can update the title from “Not a bug” to “Known Issue” at your convenience. Always go with your gutt. :wink:


AMT I updated my comment. (My apologies for the tag) I thought you didn’t think it was a bug. But yeah one cast is only supposed to cast one time.
(But now I’m tracking it was Copycat that was the real issue. :+1:)

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Saw, decided to accept that the Mod replying to this report is different than the one who ‘replied’ the opposite back in November 2019 by labeling it as ‘Not a bug’.

:stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :vulcan_salute:

(tag at will, always glad to keep observing this company’s evolution & consistency over the years :stuck_out_tongue: )


So the title should now be [Fixing]?
And as others have pointed out, does this mean ALL “one cast only” and “can only be cast once” troops get the same treatment, that summoned/copycat-ed/etc. copies do not get to cast again?

I just tried Thrall/Copycat/Daemon Gnome (3 troops only) and copied the gnome before it cast (of course). When cast, the 2nd copy is disabled. Then I copied it again for a 3rd Daemon Gnome, and this one came back with fillable mana…


updated. thanks.


Okay, you’re going to have to post some detailed scenario information for us to clarify.

  • If I create a copy of or become (via Copycat, or Lyriath, or The Mirror Queen, or Doppleganger) a One Cast Only troop, but the original HASN’T cast yet, should both of them still be able to cast, or should only the original be able to cast, and the copy can’t cast?

Currently there is no way to summon The Great Maw. There is no “summon a random monster” or “summon a drifting sands troop” weapon/troop yet. However, the game is going in that direction.

  • If I become a copy of the enemy’s Great Maw, shouldn’t I always be able to cast it, regardless if they have or haven’t?
  • If my original Archdeva dies, and I summon a new one with Fist of Heaven, shouldn’t the new one be able to cast again? What if the original died before it cast?

You also really need to fix your wording. Three troops (Archdeva, Dwarven Slayer, and Daemon Gnome) say “Can only be cast once.” Five troops (Great Maw, Tassarion, Sand Scuttler, Mad Prophet, Roc) say “One cast only.” I can only search for all of them if I search for only, but the wording should still be fixed to be consistent.

If I create a team of four The Great Maw, and I cast the first one, all the rest get locked out and I can’t cast them anymore. That’s pretty stupid, because only one of them was able to use its ability to devour. You might as well say “Only one copy PER TEAM.” Yeah, I can have multiple copies on a team, but the rest of them are useless.


Exactly why that mechanic exists. Think about what great maw does after it devours. Think about it’s rarity. Think about when it was released in the game. It’s the opposite of stupid. It’s balance.

So don’t use 4 copies of it on a team. 🤷

No troop should be designed with the intent of having multiples of it be used. But in this case, there’s clear intent for players NOT to use multiple copies.

Imagine Thrall + 3 castable Great Maws… shivers


Or EoE, Thrall and 2 castable Great Maws. Even enemies with devour immunity traits (except Invulnerable) wouldn’t be safe against that team.

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