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Blessed allows multiple casts of One-Time spells

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was expecting that casting a One-Time spell would disable that spell for all duplicate troops within the team. The Blessed second Great Maw actually retained the ability to cast its spell, likely due to Blessed incorrectly preventing the debuff to get applied.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Likely ever since the Blessed status effect was introduced.

Steps to make it happen again
Buy enough shop tiers within the current Dervish class event so all troops start out Blessed. Put two Great Maw into your team. Cast the spell of the first Great Maw. If the second Great Maw is still Blessed, its spell will not get disabled.

Extracted from (Not a Bug) Casting one Great Maw disables my second one where this issue was identified.


Fascinating… 0o

Good catch. I forgot about this bug. I can only confirm it.

Barrier also prevents Sacrifice’s ‘kill the last ally’, FWIW. That doesn’t have a consistent pattern though - we do know there is a dispel effect on certain self-destruct troops to prevent this, but not all of them randomly have the dispel tool-tip.

Wait, if it prevents the killing of a troop, can spell even be activated or used on that troop?

Sacrifice casts, you get the gems and the magic boost, and the troop loses barrier and lives. As far as I remember.

Still… tactically not impressive enough to really use.

Thanks @Fourdottwoone I’ve made the bug report for the Dev team!

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