[Not a Bug] Bug in the system

As my guild mates have said and so many others I heard about this bug in the system had a major effect on a lot of us. A lot have not been able to see the Naxus kingdom show up on the map & others never get the Nexus battle crasher in pvp. The system is freezing up for me when I go in and out of a battle and try to load up campaign or something else, Midnight crafted a palooza and gave us a puppy bot but after Midnight tried to use a vault key it kicked Midnight out and then demanded a update as soon as Midnight returned the key was lost. This happened just NOW. my Invite Code is ADAM_91 please help us devs. From the beginning when the Naxus came out Ladyiasis and a few others in our guild have no access to Nexus kingdom it is not on their map.

Not a bug.

All players need to complete all the other Kingdom quests for Nexus to show up on their maps.