[Not a Bug] Azura magic gain from Empirinazara's 3rd trait incorrect

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo version currently “unable to contact server,” no pics sorry!!

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When you get a 4+ match with Empirinazara on your team, she is supposed to grant all allies 2 magic. I tested and she certainly does with the hero weapons, Beetrix, etc. However, she only gives Azura 1 magic, which is unfortunate because I’m trying to make a team around the two of them :slight_smile:

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It appears to happen 100% of 4+ matches.

Steps to make it happen again
Hero weap
All full traits

Record base magic, get 4 match. The # exploded (for example) with Jar of Eyes will increase by 2, and Empirinazara’s spell’s heal will go up by 2, but Azura’s ability only goes up by one.

Not a bug: Azura’s spell scales by 50% of her Magic stat, so +2 Magic indeed yields a +1 boost in spell effect.

This is a very easy thing to miss because so many troops scale 1:1 between their Magic stat and the spell effect, and unlike Boost Ratios this is not explicitly noted in tooltips. Azura, however, is not one of them. (Other quick examples: Man-at-Arms, Warhound)

Remember, a Troop’s Magic stat is the little number next to the orb in the center of the spell page, immediately underneath the spell art, not the number highlighted in the spelltext.


Oh man - you are right! I don’t know how I missed that. Boooo!
Haha…well thank you.

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