[Not a bug] Ace of Cups & Wands not listed as "Tarot" (apparently not a bug)

Platform, device version and operating system:

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
when selecting troops using in the text field “Tarot” Ace of Wands does not show up.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Each time I look for “Tarot”. Since Ace of Wands was released.

Steps to make it happen again
in text field type “Tarot” and then “Apply Filter”

The filter finds the Good/Bad Tarot trait, as it is part of the troop text. The Aces of Cups and Wands don’t have those (Ace of Runes does, the fourth is not released). There is no type filter for tarot troops (yet?).


OK, so It is Ace of Runes that is “not conforming” : it has a “Good Tarot” trait instead of “Suit of Runes”.

See [Investigating] Incorrect third trait for Ace of Runes, probably can’t hurt to bring it up again, apparently whoever was investigating this died of old age.


I guess we’ll only know for sure, once the Ace of Coins joins the mix.

Hello, :slight_smile:

As the search feature looks for the literal text itself the Ace of Cups Troop won’t show up if you search for the keyword ‘tarot’.

However, I can pass on feedback that you would like a Tarot grouping filter to the development team for consideration.


I think, the least problematic way would be to give them a secondary Tarot kingdom additionally to their primary one. That does not carry the implication, that they will get traits, a hero class and weapons fitting to them and sorts them in with other special troops from Vault and Apokalypse. Maybe consider the same for Journey and Bounty troops too some day.