(Not a bug) A useless date on card Ankh of Bast

This card have a boost ratio x100, but I don’t know where this boost point to? Is this boost a valuable date? How it works?

I think this is a rally weird side effect of how the devs implemented this spell, and that it raises this question every now and then has inspired them to find a different way to do it.

I think it was supposed to mean “the % chance of the final part is 100%” to the player, but that just confuses people since the text says nothing about % so we assume 100% anyway.

So it means there’s a chance to transfer yellow to skull ? And here it boost this chance to 100%?

Yes, oddly enough.

First you have to meet the “If anything has death mark…” condition. Then, technically, there is a chance for the effect to happen. But they set the chance to 100%, so it is irrelevant information.

I tried to back this up with information from the data files, but can’t. I swear someone explained this as the reason though, there are a few other troops with a 100x boost ratio and that’s usually the explanation.

It seems like it’s more of a “(100x + 0)%” chance, the way Morana has a “(2x + 10)%” chance to trigger its ability.

I can confirm it’s like this because of a 100% chance to occur if an ally has Death Mark, and that it displays because of how the spells are coded. I don’t have any technical information on this myself, I just remember it being answered in what I think would have been the 2018 Halloween Dev Q&A Stream.

Thank you guys! You do helped a lot! I’ll try whether it’s death when death mark on it with 100%

Well, I tried run the skill when some enemies was marked with death mark. But it’s only tuned the yellow to skull, and the enemies didn’t die immediately. So I still can’t figure out what the boost enhanced. What was happened not 100% chance when this skill run?

It means “there is a 100% chance to convert yellow gems to skulls”, not “100% chance for the death mark to work”.

That’s why most people ignore it. It’s redundant. If text doesn’t have a % attached we can assume it’s 100%.

Got it. Thanks!:slight_smile:

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