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[Not a bug] 25% shentang boost to faction team is incorrect

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I decided to investigate how stat boosts are applied to the new faction and have noticed that there are considerable errors which negatively impact our chances. I will illustrate this with one of the 4 troops for simplicity but the effect is the same for all faction troops.
Firstly I used chaos shards to ascend each troop to mythic. The stats for chaos hound were as follows.

Chaos Hound
Attack 42, armour 55, life 66, magic 16.

I then opened standard delve and built a pure faction deck with the lyrasza banner and one of each troop which produced the following.

Chaos Hound

Attack 42, armour 60, life 83, magic 23.

I then raised horde level to 100:

Chaos Hound.

Attack 60, armour 96, life 119, magic 32.

Then I boosted shentang to level 12 for 25% faction team boost and set up a standard delve with Chaos Hound, Crazed Troll, Dementicore, Lyrasza with faction banner.

Chaos Hound
Attack 64, armour 108, life 133, magic 34.

It is unclear which order takes precedence when boosts are applied but if the 25% is applied to the the basic troop stats then Chaos Hound would have attack of 42 × 1.25 plus 18 for horde 100 which gives 71. I know that I am not applying the stats in the correct order but I want to know what order they go in. It just seems that the shentang boost is not being applied correctly no matter what order the calculation is performed. This may well not be a bug and my query may have been covered elsewhere but I would really appreciate clarification.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I’ve only experimented with this today in standard delve with no potions obviously and by applying the boosts as described above.

Steps to make it happen again
Open portals for yourself and apply the normal boosts.

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I believe the 25% only applies to the hoard stats

Original stats + (hoard stats)x1.25 + (kingdom bonus 2) = final stats

Check and see if the math checks out



As you can see above it shows the bonus you get on the Hoard screen. Just click the Level tab.


Thanks to both of you. Not that any stats are gonna make the slightest bit of difference in the middle rooms.

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Edit: I’m an idiot. Ignore this post. I can confirm on my end that this bug isn’t affecting me.

I can confirm this for myself as well. I upgraded Shentang for this purpose only so it’s nice to know those deeds were wasted for nothing (at least right now). How much money you want to bet this won’t be fixed before the event ends? I’ll start bidding at 50 gems.

Increasing Hoard to one hundred would give +9 Magic, +18 Attack, and +36 to Life/Armor without the 25% faction bonus. The Magic round down, but you will get +3 at 111 and 133, +2 at 122 and 144. I normally go to 133 or 155 for that extra +1.

It is working as intended, but perhaps could be made more clear for people like me who don’t read ‘the fine print’. Thanks Mithran. :blush:


The stats are also broken down right there on that screen - for example, where it says “+18 Base Skill, +4 for Kingdom” on Attack means 18 from the hoard simply being at level 100, and an additional 4 from the 25% bonus for that kingdom being level 12.


But your first screenshot clearly shows, as others note, bonus stats being applied.
This is how it looks without deed upgrades (your level 100 ends up with more stats than my level 111):


@ChunkyMono @Dust_Angel I’m a blind idiot. Post updated. I blame not sleeping because of this faction event.