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Event boosts are 25% and not the stated 10%

Plainly seen on the stat breakdown screen:

All troops with the event bonus this week are affected. I remember this happening on at least one week long after the global change from 25% boosts to 10% boosts, but nobody seems to notice or care on weeks where there aren’t really strong double bonus troops. I’m actually not even sure if it has been a 25% boost per category every week since this started occurring, but it is clearly this week.


Void portal was getting insane stats in explore last week (or the week before?) Might have been happening then too.

Good catch!

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It appears there was a bug that slipped in this week. We won’t be changing it for this particular week since it’s nearly finished at this point, but we have fixed the issue for subsequent weeks that also had the bug. Thanks for the report!

I honestly haven’t even been paying attention to things stats in the recent weeks. I’m looking through some past VoDs to see if anything jumps out, but I’m playing so quickly that it is hard to notice.


Heres an enemy team’s stats (before any trait activation) with maxed guild/kingdom skill bonuses from 3 weeks ago. Calculating based on the maximums possible at the time (eg., 64 base life from Queen Aurora with all guild/kingdom bonuses possible x 1.25 = 80, mikhail attack 33 x1.25 = 41.25), they were getting 25% here as well. So it appears this has been going on for a while. Probably during Dwarf week, too, although maxed out they’d have been pushed into one-shot lethal range even outside of guild wars with just a 10% boost either way, they just had a little more bulk to deal with.

At the endgame I barely noticed in normal PvP like I said, but I’m glad for everyones sake this can be toned back down without having to wait an entire patch. I’m also really happy that not many people noticed or cared enough to really skew the PvP selections toward deadlocking one meta event boosted team (when there was one) for an entire week like what was happening when it was intentionally 25%.

Huh and I thought Titania had just been given a dumb amount of damage like Krystenax…

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