Doing some research here.... % Gold bonus / % Soul bonus

It is very interesting - and I know a lot of folks do not like these events because of the supposedly imbalance of some of the troops stats.

I for one actually really get into them to see what kind of troops work and what can I do to get the most out of whatever it is since I still need things like souls, and gold, and glory. And I start looking into how to incorporate them into play.

I was a bit surprised this week because 10 of the humans had some form of gold enhancement. I started to wonder - does dev have a stat sheet they work from for building new troop (concepts are great for story but sometimes the balance seems to be missing in a color, trait or function or the overall arch with that feature) The % gold bonus troops seem to need some additional support or buffs.

How many troops gain % Gold bonus
25% = 7
50% = 0
75% = 0
100% = 0

Apothecary, Dwarf Lord, Finley, Johnny Bronze, should 50% based on second trait. Merchant Prince should have at least 75% being his gold bonus is at third trait

How many have a + bonus with matches
+2 = 12
+20 = 1

Merchant Prince should have more than +2, especially since its a 2nd trait which normally costs more. Also Bandit, Captain Skullbeard should as well have more than +2

How many of the gold enhancers actually have an attack ability (not just ability to do skull damage attack) = 3
It would be nice to have at least one that had some solid attack. I don’t really count The Mimic or Gog and Gud to be reliable in their attack options.

Yet if you go over to % soul bonus seems to be higher favor in bonus support.
50% = 12
150% = 1
How many of the soul enhancers actually have an attack ability (not just ability to do skull damage attack) = 8
(Green is missing from this group oddly enough)

Anyone have any thoughts?

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