Level 12 Kingdom Level - 25% faction bonus not being applied to faction battles in at least two factions

Platform, device version and operating system:

Pc/Ios at least
Screenshot or image:


Leonis Empire and Mist of Scales factions are not gaining the 25% bonus to hoard stats for battling with an all faction team in the appropriate factions (City of Thieves, Dark Pits) at kingdom level 12(they appear to be working kingdom level 13).

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Increase the stats from hoard by 25%. The images show they are not getting the bonus. Neither is this a visual error as the base damage before upgrading is not increased as intended by progressing the kingdom to gain the bonus.

In the hoard image the stats are 25 attack, 12 magic, 50 armour and life. In the battle in the game the stats are 20 attack, 10 magic, 40 armour and 40 life. Therefore the 25% is not being applied and the kingdom reward is not granted.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Until players got sufficient deeds from the adventure board to advance kingdom levels. Once they did/do, they are not granted the delving bonus when trying a faction run in the relevant kingdom/factions.

Steps to make it happen again

Play a faction team in relevant factions.

Please note, this in not a visual bug, the stats are not being applied. Base stats are not being adjusted for the bonus. Furthermore there is still a rounding down effect on the 25% bonus (which is apparently intended, it needs to be made clear to players).

Please see Faction Hoard Bonus +25% not showing?
for the original topic.

Edit - one player has reported a correct bonus applied in Dark Pits level 13, another has reported the lack of bonus applied in Dark Pits level 13 in the above linked thread.


I had the same problem happen to me. I just increased Merlantis to level 12 to gain benefits for the Sea of Sorrow faction. I was expecting the faction hoard stats to increase by 25%. While I couldn’t tell for sure if that happened by looking at my hoard stats (I forgot to check what it was before), I should have received an in-game email showing the faction value increasing beyond 780. That’s what it was before I increased Merlantis level to 12. There was no increase.

I noticed that for faction points it doesn’t count above 100. Even so if my hoard was at 100 before, it should go above it for battle purposes and that didn’t happen. My hoard is at level 100, quality 10. I should see some indication I’m getting a bonus. It could be 100 (125) with the 125 for battle purposes and 100 being the base value before modification. So if I choose to add to the hoard I would add to the base value which would then be modified by the kingdom level bonus of 25%. Again I see nothing to indicate I’m getting the bonus. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Until this is fixed there is no reason to increase the kingdom levels to 12 (except to get it beyond that for a different bonus).

BTW this for PC with my Nicisita account (Spartacus Guild, hero level ~1155).

This problem just happened to me when I leveled Darkstone from 10 to 12, none of my All Seeing Eye Faction Troops we’re boosted at all in Daily Delves.