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No task rewards

When reset was supposed to happen Sunday morning it was all jacked up. Statues were not reset etc. So I decided to wait til this morning to log back on.

When I did, I noticed the statues were reset and that my Guild had completed 5 of 6 statues. I however did not receive any of the rewards. How do I get those rewards?

Same here. I’ve just got back from being away for 3 days, just checked my mail and I’ve received nothing for this week (Xbox)

Blue - complete
Green - 10/12
Red - 7/12
Yellow - 10/12
Purple - 8/12
Brown - 7/12

I’m not getting any guild task rewards either.

I just completed a task and all my missing ones seem to have finally appeared. I would suggest trying that if you have any left to finish.

Mine took about 20 mins to appear - but they did finally arrive

Hey guys, please exit out of your game completely and log back in. Then, complete another guild task. This should trigger everything to come through. :slight_smile:

Exactly that, donating gold and completing a task gave me all rewards. A bit of a worry at first as pretty much all of them were done by the time I came to log on.

I got mine shortly after I posted this.