No new deck slot!

This is a 1.0.9 issue that just got refreshed with Glacial Peaks :

We should have 1 deck slot per Kingdom (as long as our lvl is high enough I believe), but we didn’t get any deck slots for
Drifting Sands
Blighted Lands
Glacial Peaks

I guess this is a minor issue so I’ll have to bump it once the 2.0 hype, hate and overall madness settles down.

I believe the devs have stated that 20 is the maximum and there are no current plans to add more. I’ll see if I can find the quote.

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Oh… That seems odd to me, as each deck has a background image corresponding to a kingdom, it would be weird to have 90% of the kingdoms represented but not the rest…

Besides, I personally like to have each slot filled with a team using the Kingdom’s banner, and that’s the reason I haven’t even used Drifting Sands and Blighted Lands banners. As for Glacial Peaks banner, I didn’t even read it’s effect yet. I’ll have to do that…

Apologies I can’t seem to find a post that mentions it… Maybe @Nimhain or @Sirrian can clear this up?

Glacial Peaks is similar in style to Abyssal. +2 Blue +1 Purple -1 Red

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The background of the deck changes when you change the banner for the team.

At the moment we don’t have any plans to add more team slots. It was coincidence that there was 20 teams and 20 kingdoms released.


wish there were more… like a lot more… like 50…

I call your 50 and raise you 100.

Scrolling through 50-100 teams sounds like an epic pain.

I think 20 immediate teams along with bookmarking your other ideas via @Lyya’s website should do fine.


if/when pc gets tasks similar to ours people will want more getting tasks to use 4 of xx kingdom… would be easier if i didn’t have to make a team nearly every time.

This is wrong and couldn’t even be right as res/Graphics/3/TeamHeader.png doesn’t even contain the background for the 3 newest kingdoms !

Sorry, my mistake, I thought that was how it worked. We discussed the idea of that when we were first developing them.

Discussing it with the team, we separated the background from the banner so players wouldn’t get confused over new kingdom = new team slot.

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