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No Man's Sky Amazon Prime %

I just got bitten by the “No Man’s Sky” bug. It might be infectious.
I ordered it on amazon and there was a discount with a prime membership. Thought anyone else with Prime might be interested.

Thanks for the heads up, but I’m really mixed on this one. It seems like it could be an amazing game and right up my alley but there’s been so little detailed info released about it that it could be really disappointing. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I’m gonna wait until it releases and I see some reviews before I pull the trigger.

The game seems promising, and if i could get it and play it to my heart’s content i would become a galactic hunter, even without some sort of achievement i would hunt all the dangerous beasts in the planets i visit…
It would be cool to have a trophy room and look for information with others players about a new prey to hunt.