I couldn't find anywhere else to post this

I paid for the $9.99 version - Demon Hunter - on Steam once I realized one of my most favorite of games was available. Having played now for a few weeks, I knew how nice it is to have a little “hand up” so to speak, so bought Demon Hunter.

Then, when I started the game on Steam, I found I could link to my account from my Amazon version! Sweet!!! So I linked up…only to discover that I had lost all the Demon Hunter items in the package. I sent a message to tech/sales (don’t remember which) support explaining what happened, got a return response extremely quick asking for certain info, which I supplied (all was done last night/early morning here).

I was just able to get on today and BAM! There’s Desdaemona and all the other things I was supposed to get and, since we are linked, every device has it as well as a gem contribution for my troubles! So now, no matter what device I can play on, it’s there.

So I just wanted to say thank you for treating your players with respect and in an extremely timely manner. I look forward to playing for a while into the future!



You know, we don’t have a subforum or thread category for “the devs are doing a great job”. @Saltypatra, maybe you can think about making one while you consider promoting additional moderators!

Yeah! That’d be great because the support was amazing and they deserve the acknowledgement of good work! And they usually only get it in an email (hopefully) from the customer. This way more people would see it. :slight_smile:

I try not to bug the support people too much, but the couple of times I have felt the need to submit a ticket, they have done pretty well. Sometimes it takes them a couple of tries, but they seem to get it all sorted in the end. Always seem very professional to me. I give them a big thumbs up!