No greens, yellows, blues, or reds. Only browns, purples, and SKULLS!


With the glory reward this week being arcane blood stones, I am finally able to fully upgrade a troop I’ve had mythic since 1.08 released. This was also my first mythic troop, Anointed One. Originally, I stuck him in front of a standard dragon team, but this time I made a new team for him:

Anointed One
Drake Rider

Banner is Vampire’s, and there are no team bonuses.

The first thing to note is that there is no green troop on the team. Despite this, Anointed One converts greens to red to wipe them off the board. Drake rider does the same with yellow, which makes Banshee more of a backup troop. Drake Rider and Sheggra both have dragon bond to give Sheggra four extra life. Even though Banshee isn’t able to cast easily thanks to Drake Rider, she makes up for it with both magic link and jinx.

The coolest aspect of this team is its modularity; every single mana type is covered twice except for green. In the event both Anointed One and Drake Rider fall, Sheggra and Banshee make an amazing pair by themselves. Since Banshee converts blues to red, the only color not covered by the two is green. I want to do more research on troops that convert or remove gems to make pairs that cover all the mana types.


i spotted some yellow


Don’t forget that singular lonely blue. :violin: :One is the Loneliest Number begins playing: