Anointed One isn't too bad

I initially said I didn’t care much for the new Anointed One troop, but I finally found a build that works well for him:

It loops fairly well with a focus on always prioritizing skull matches. Hero’s item is Nysha’s Skull, which is one of the few units that still have magic linked to gem spawning. From what I have tested so far, this build kills quicker than Paladins as well as the traditional goblin gruops.


I’ve found Anointed One pairs very well with Sheggra…


Anointed One / Hero (Eternal Flame) / Aziris / Sheggra


I second the Sheggra:

  1. Anointed one
  2. Venoxia
  3. Sheggra
  4. Celestasia.

It is pretty much a standard dragon team(with 3x dragon bonus) minus a second Venoxia. Which is great in case Anointed One dies, then the team is still 100% functional.

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can confirm this build is pretty decent, I called it “Dragon Rider” in my list :slight_smile:
though If I switch out of normal mode, to Hard or Warlord 1/2, I prefer to put Venoxia at the 1st place, this way Anointed One has more chances to survive and buff itself before Sheggra gets charged and red-gems/skulls align.

I tried it with Sheggra too, but between the cost of traits and the fact he denies all the reds, the build wins slowly. If you don’t win in one Sheggra cast and the proceeding skulls, it requires another minute.

The above build has the possibility of chaining without end. By the time Nysha’s Skull is cast, troops are already dead. If it doesn’t kill everything, there will still be reds on the board in abundance.

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Which banner color do you prefer? Red+blu?

I initially used red/blue, but I found +2 purple to be better. Nysha’s Skull scales with magic, so casting it once or twice is a team wipe. Anointed One doesn’t really need too high of an attack, not to mention getting his fast trait would help a lot in not needing blue/red for one mana surge would be the 6 to close the gap. Also, Goblin Rocket already gives the +1 Red, so no need to repeat it.

i would like to make an update that i got 4 of the anointed one this week and 3 of him was from the 400 glory chest. They buffed Glory so much since the update holy molly.

@Jainus I saw in another post that you have switched to this build. Welcome to the dark side. xD

Yes, I added this one into my rotation… it’s cool - goes horribly wrong though if Anointed Dude goes down though!.. be careful of a Goblin with that Human Killer trait…

Yeah. It goes down pretty easily sadly in the first spot. Place him oin the second spot and anointed one becomes more powerful otherwise its easy prey for legendary or goblins with human killer traits.

That is why Goblin Rocket is in the second slot. You need the burn trait on him. I have yet to really see him die though. Having both plus formation destruction and 3x3 gives tremendous board control.

Yeah, goblin teams are very annoying. I still can’t believe the devs gave a kingdom the 3 most poweful benefits: extra turns on nearly every ability, +10 HP, and +4 attack.