Gems of War: Weekly Purchase Anointed One....Gathering Storm!


That adjustable troop leveling mechanic is absolutely beautiful.
The fact it suggested a 3-match over a 4-match is hilarious.

Nice vid! Easy to listen to. Not much in way of displaying the troops spell, but you explained him well enough.
Might need to extend your ending to prevent that cutoff in the future though.


Thank You…Appreciate it! I ill definitely work on that for the next one.

anointed one has some synergy for blue half boost decks, but also works very well in teams that need alot of reds since his own blue boost isnt that useful compared to him already gaining tons of atk.

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If having a deck with with valk, alch, and banshee, would you prefer Anointed one or Treant as top/tank?

Green mana use would be lost with anointed one.

looking forward to your replies.

Anointed one is a horrendously bad tank, put him third and put other reds above him and you got yourself a good safe self buffing red gem summoner.