Nintendo Switch - Hero class & troop reset


So a bug on my Nintendo switch is that every new calendar day (in game) my Hero class resets to Warlord, and I get the troop i leveled mostly as Warlord. Played ~5 hours yesterday as Bard and with a different troop but it was back to Warlord this morning.

This also happened yesterday when the new Daily login/calendar popped up.

Edit 7/4 : This bug happens in Pet Rescue too. It remembers the class, but the troop goes back to the ones i used during my first Pet Rescue every time…

Edit 8/4 : I think its related to the Pet Rescue mostly. I kept my class at yesterdays calendar switch, but the Pet Rescue triggers the class & troop change every time.

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today at some point i realized my class was warlord even though i’ve been playing titan. i switched it back to titan and it changed back to warlord again, but it still says i’m giant type (i dont know if warlord is giant). n9w i cant level my titan class until the free reset in 20 hours unless i spend 50 gems on the off chance that it wont switch back to warlord again

On the nintendo switch I have noticed my class will be forceably changed to warlord when I fight in battles for pet events. I cannot change my class back without spending gems which is very frustrating.
This decreases my capacity to play in these events and I will generally stop playing for the rest of the day. To have to pay real money to solve a bug issue is extremely frustrating and ruins an otherwise highly enjoyable game.

Yeah i discovered this yesterday with the Pet battles. It also goes back to Warlord. Im over level 100 and havent played as Warlord since lvl 40 or so, so it must be a bug. The gem cost for the class change is also a problem with this bug.

Same. On Switch, I keep resetting back to Warlord from Knight. Either it has something to do with pet rescues, or it happens when I reboot the game (due to ANOTHER bug, the guild chat freezing up).

Nice of the game to beg for 50 gems to reset an error constantly.

EDIT: Not sure if it’s related to this, but pet rescues occasionally don’t remember my most recent teams either; they dredge some awful old team there and I have to keep replacing the troops when a new rescue pops up.

Yea it happens to me too. Class stays in Pet Rescue for me, but the troop is always the troop i used during my first Pet Rescue. Really annoying.

My class just got reset to Warlord AGAIN after I did a pet rescue mission. Well, I guess I won’t be playing my knight build then, no way am I going to spend premium currency on this mess.

Can’t comment on the larger problem you all are having, but I may be able to help with this. There are actually six different kinds of pet rescue you can trigger—one for each color of pet (and each set of opponent teams). The teams for each color pet are stored separately, so if it’s been a while since you rescued a brown pet you will see quite an old troop/hero layout in the team selection menu.

Also: if the Switch version follows the PC/mobile/console development cycle, expect to have the class change fee eliminated quite soon. There is an entirely different system in place now that is much friendlier to players.


Just want to confirm the two bugs reported (talking about the Switch version):

  • Pet Rescue forces Class change to the class the first pet rescue was played. (Or hardcoded to Warlord which might be - my first Pet Rescue was also on Warlord class)
  • Class change stays when leaving Pet Rescue (which is really… let’s say… not a game breaker but a motivation bummer)

This issue (especially the second) should be addressed immediately! Paying real money for a class change not intended and initiated by the game itself and not by myself is a no go!

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Hello all! sorry you’re experiencing this.

  1. What does the class show in the top left-hand corner of the screen in your Hero’s picture when you first log in and you’re looking at the Worldmap?
  2. Are you sure you have the class selected specifically for your team inside the Troops tab?
  • Note this is separate to the class shown below your Hero on the worldmap. You can assign classes to teams in Troops > Class > Select a team and select a Class . For more information, please see the relevant article on our help center: Hero Classes overview: Champion levels and Talents (Change or equip a class). As @Grundulum says your team may be swapping back to an older class selected for the Pet Rescues.

Sorry for the late answer - I missed your reply somehow.

The answer to 1. is it showed Dragonguard before Pet Rescue and Warlord after.

I didn’t know I can assign specific classes to specific Teams. So this could be the answer even if it would not explain the “hard” change in the top left corner…
I can check this later this day but tbh at the moment I really don’t want an accidental change - throwing me back one day in progress…

Edit (and a bit off-topic):
If I select a class with the Hero and select a different class for a Team:
Does this mean that for the fights with the specific Team the Hero class is the class selected in the Team settings?
For which class does the Hero earn experience in this fight?
What is the benefit selecting a class for a hero when I have to select one for a Team?
As you see - I’m a bit confused. :crazy_face: As an excuse: I’m new to the game.

There is no Class in Troops & Teams. (Switch Version)

Yup she forgot you don’t have the last version. In the last version you will be able to do it and it will cost 0 gems to switch class

My version is up to date. So Switch version is behind?
No complaint - just a question.

Yup switch is behind i believe you guys got the 4.2.5 version and other platform are 4.3

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Can someone tell if the bug is fixed now?
I still don’t play any Pet Rescues because of it… :worried: