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50 gems to change class per 24 hr?

Wow, i had read about this but saw (thought) the devs addressed it…

So ive been grinding away and finally leveled my titan to 100. Great, now i can do some dragon levels to get the super annoying PvP weapon right?

Wrong. Am I correct that on switch you still need to pay 50 gems to change classes?

This is…absurd… I need a high level hero to complete daily content or to grind PvP to help my guild with gold. With that said, every time i want to try or level a new class i have to spend 100 gems (50 + 50) to go to the new class and then back to my main class to complete content?

Devs, this is kind of a game breaker for me.

I understand content release being staggered but how has something like this not been addressed?


On PC the pay timer got set to zero whenever you unlocked a new class, it’s probably the same on Switch. Still sucks, you might be able to get around some fees with good timing though.

You Switch kids have it easy! Back in my day, we just suffered through a year (or more) of complaining about this before the devs did something.

(I believe it’s happening with the very next update to Switch. Maybe it’s in the Known Issues list?)


Well, i give you credit for dealing with that for a year…

Teams are a mess on switch. You kind of have to check your setup before doing important content as often times my banners or class talents are changed. My pet team is a lottery every time i open it…

to level new classes i would probably have to change classes multiple times a day… ugg.

I guess im just surprised as i had read the devs addressed it… I would have never thought the UI on switch would also be behind on updates.

Any idea when the next switch update is?

fwiw, switch is on, and It looks like 4.2.5 patch removed the gem costs, so as you said, hopefully the next patch addresses it

The devs have expressed an intent to update Switch, but the last I heard from them was they don’t want to discuss an ETA or what the update might hold. I guess they figure you’ll like it even better if it’s a big surprise.

They’re busy. Working on “something”. We’ll find out about it someday.

We Switch Kids feel like second class Players (me - at least).