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Newbie Deck Advice?

I’ve managed to throw together an effective deck with my limited card pool and was hoping for some advice on where to go from here. My current list is:

Crude Club (Level 6 Warlord)
Soothsayer (Level 7)
Summoner (Level 7)
Dryad (Level 7)

I just got a Dark Master and am considering swapping it for the Summoner, but aside from that I really don’t know where else to go with this deck. Can someone point me toward some resoureces on deck building that go over the basics? Does this kind of deck have a name? What upgrades should I be looking for to increase this deck’s effectiveness?

Complete the story and get tyri cause you are going to want her early. She can net you a ton of mana for any of your team and get you gold and get you maps. If you get really good at maps you might be able to completely max your kingdoms.

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Dark Master is great at early levels because of his high base damage. Though you’ll want to swap him out eventually due to it not scaling with Magic.

If you have Valkyrie (Rare) she’s useful to use for increased Soul generation. Treant (Ultra-Rare) is a decent tank. Though your hero can also serve as a good tank especially as a Warlord. I used Soothsayer and Dryad myself for a long while at early levels and they worked nicely. The main issue I can see with your deck is that you don’t have any targeted damage, or general damage generation at all other than your Hero’s weapon.

Possible cards to consider:
Skeleton (Common) (Skull generation)
Goblin (Common) (Targeted Damage)

Other random tips:
Try not to have troops that completely overlap others’ colours. ie if you have a Red/Blue troop, try not to have another Red/Blue. Red/Green or Blue/Purple is fine, but try and make sure each troop has at least a colour unique to it.
Following from that, try (if possible) to have one troop for each colour. If you can’t manage this, then don’t worry too much, it’s more something to strive for rather than a requirement for a deck.


find a way to use valk as earlier as possible, arena is good to get souls before you have a decent team with her.

(any good troop) , Alchemist, Valkyrie, Banshee … the best basic build for new players. Have fun.


Second this, this helped me get started with Soul farming, but it’s also a good starting point to begin seeing how cards work together.

Treant works well in the first slot. Hero might as well (Haven’t tried it, so not 100% sure)

for me to get from level 10-200 i used luther-valk-goblin-hero(blue/purple weapon if possible)

This build is easily attainable. Luther from beating brokenspires story, i think valk/gobby are kinda easy to find and this combo nets you fairly easy wins and builds your soul collection up.

I would suggest “any good BLUE MANA troop” in first slot. Hero works up in front as well when using a blue or green weapon. Treant (blue/green) shows up very soon from Glory chests.

Valkyrie is there for the soul generation whenever you use her ability, and Alchemist will generate gold revenue.

I guess you guys aren’t aware that it’s surprisingly difficult to get Banshee and even Valkyrie really early on in the game? I’ve observed this now on three different accounts (console and tablet). A player may be level 20+ before Valk is drawn, and well past level 30 before Banshee ever shows up.

So, very early game, I would actually suggest Hero(red axe)-Atlanta-Goblin-Luther. This team has three damage dealers. Be sure to complete the Broken Spire questline to get Luther ASAP because the Sheggra end boss becomes blinking &%$^! difficult after a certain point. Then do the Divinion Fields questline to get Atlanta.

Later once you manage to get the cards, you can try Hero(purple weapon)-Luther-Valkyrie-AnotherBlueTroop. In this build, you’ll only have two damage dealers, so you’ll have to play a bit more mindfully than with the goblin team. The advantage is that matches will be over more quickly because you are generating the blue mana colour you need. The previous goblin team is inherently slower despite the extra turn.

Also experiment with the Team Bonuses for using multiple troops from the same race or the same city. For example if you use Wildfolk troops, consider using Herdmaster as a mana generator in conjunction with other Wildfolk from Divinion Fields to get the city team bonus.

Hope that helps somewhat!


Rowanne has gotta be nasty early game.

I actually managed to get Banshee quite early on in the game (possibly even before 20), it was Valkyrie that I didn’t get till around the 30s or possibly even 40s. So I think it’s reasonably random, however I agree that it’s good to have alternative setups that don’t use those characters in case people don’t have them when they’re reading this.

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Well to be fair you are mostly as a new player looking for good flow and in general having good mana flow. My early play was very much dictated by the fact that in my very first chest i got Abhorath so all my teams were built around his ability to stay alive. I grin when I remember I thought everyone must get a legend in their first chest to get them started :slight_smile:


Would be awesome to have than in game. Heck if you could choose a starting legendary (like pokemon almost) after you complete the tutorial then it would be great imo. (inb4 smurfing)