New to the game, would love some advice on build

Pvp and pve.

I have the following cards:

Acolyte x2
Ancient horror
Boar rider
Dark maiden
Dire wolf
Dwarf lord
Dwarven miner x2
Fortress gate x3
Goblin x2
Goblin shaman x1
Golem x2
Lance knight x2
Owlbear x2
Pegasus x1
Pride hunter x2
Scale guard x2
Spider queen

Currently using:

Hero (level 30 - blue weapon)
Scarlett (level 8)
Siren (level 7)
Boar rider (level 10)

Your deck is fine, you are at the beginning of the game, don’t go asking for advice this early, you should make an opinion for yourself.

I’d advise you not to spend to much resources on your cards yet.

Go in troops and push the “display all troops” button and see what picks your interest, try to gather the cards and see how it works for you.

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Thanks, the limited amount of souls I get is actually the reason I’m asking for some advice. Don’t want to waste too much on card that are known not to be very effective.

Well, I’d use Druid, a pretty cool card early / mid game, works well with Goblin Shaman who is also quite good.

You are lacking many red and yrllow mana users, os all I could come up with are owl bear and hero with a red weapon.

That’s the best you can do with the cards you have in my opinion. Well, you have Venoxia, a legendary, and some people use it, even at high level, but I’m not a big fan…


@Zelarith’s advice is all good, I pretty much agree with it all.

Valkyrie is a good card that is only a Rare, so it shouldn’t be long before you acquire one. She is a great blue Mana generator and she gives you Souls every time she uses her Ability.

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Thanks a lot! Appreciate it and will give it a try.

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Thanks for the info!

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