New World Map revised 1.01


Hello everyone,

I revised the map that was provided by Venan ( great job on his part ) to improve readability.

Hoping that you like it and help you in your game.

Wolrd map rev1.01: 2015.09.27

Enjoy :smile:

PS: If you find any improvement to make, please let me know.

Banner colors to which Kingdom doth go?

I might poke @Venan on Steam later on and point him this way :smile:


Looking great!


The more the merrier! :wink:

Nice map!


That’s an excellent piece of work!

@Sirrian or @CrowdedWorlds give that guy (or girl, very hard to tell, sorry!) some gems!


Was just going to type bump, but the forum won’t let me type something so dull. So here are two whole sentences instead!


Gems adddddded!


thx for gems :relaxed: