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New version glitch

Has anyone else experienced a glitch when using a gem creator, allowing you to cast before all gems drop and then being froze on the pick a gem screen? Happened to me twice and had to retreat, thankfully not on GW.

Really I guess the easy fix is to not cast until you make sure all gems drop but sometimes it is tough because of long chain matches when using gem creators and I get impatient when watching.

Interesting. In my experience, I’ve been always locked out from being able to cast a spell while gems are still falling. Is there a specific sequence of converters or spawners you can use to recreate this? Playing on a lower speed and catching a very small window, perhaps?

It was my Valk/Justice/Mab/Mercy team, when using Valk following a chain match from Justice. There must have been just a tiny window that I was unlucky to have hit because yes, it usually doesn’t even have the cast button until it is ready.

Yup I believe this a known issue with the Unity client. Current work around is to just wait for cascades to finish before casting anything else. I’ll make sure it’s on the known issues list if it’s not already.