Stuck on Spellcast


Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I got stuck on the spellcast screen and had no choice but to retreat, losing my consecutive victory bonus :frowning:

I used the soothsayer’s ability without realizing there were no purple gems on the board. The board greyed out as normal but no gem lit up and I couldn’t click anything and had no way to UNcast it.

Is this an intended feature?


I’m expecting this will be fixed in 1.0.9 on PC/Mobile, as it was also reported in December. Some of the bugs take a client side patch, so keep your fingers crossed.


We didn’t get a chance to fix this in 1.0.9 but it is on our list to be addressed in a future patch.


Thanks for the update!


This is especially annoying while farming, if you don’t pay attention for a moment…