New unaddressed content in the story?!


So i am just playing the story line in khaziel and got the legendary troop from it but then it said i still have a quest in that area. I already unlocked all the challenges mind you so of course i was curious and i go in and sparkgrinder who i got from another area shows up. does this mean that other hidden story lines exist or is this the only one.


Currently the only one as far as I can tell.


Correct. After you beat the evolved Gorgotha, you will earn the War&Peace weapon.


i kope they add more connecting story lines that lead to weapon unlocks


It was a surprise to me too when I ran into this just earlier today. Only three more kingdoms to open on my map. At least once Maugrim Woods becomes available. More weapons is always good.


does anyone know what update they added this on or how old the content is or has it always been there


We added the Evolved Gorgotha Quests to the game during the Stonehammer Event back in May this year.


I just wish there was a challenge to play it again


in future updates can we get more like this to unlock weapons please


We would like to add a challenge with Evolved Gorgotha (or Dat Gorgotha as it was known). Maybe one day.