Special Weapons

I recently discovered that War and Peace was obtained by bringing Sparkgrinder from Adana to Khaziel and going through the quest. Are there any other secret weapon unlocks like this one? If so, do I need to beat the kingdoms in a certain order to trigger the weapon unlock quest? (In which case it’s already too late for me) or are there other ways? Thanks for your replies.

Nope, that’s the one for now. You are all good.

Yup, but I hope there maybe another bonus quest for 1.0.7…

Me too!
Just hope we don’t have to face evolved Webspinner :stuck_out_tongue:

Just hope we don’t have to face evolved Webspinner

How hard could it be? :wink:


Oh I’ve already thought of a lot of them it could be.

Orion- Deals 18 damage and place a hunter’s mark, gain +5 magic.

Carnex- Explode all skulls and gain armor equal to the amount of skulls destroyed.

Sheggra- Create 15 red gems, then transform them all to skulls.

Gloom Leaf- Steal 6 armor and 4 attack from all enemies.

Kerberos- Consume an enemy.

(Afraid to touch Venoxia, Jarl or Webspinner due to infinite combo)

Behemoth- Destroy 20 gems and deal 8 damage to all enemies.

Moloch- Deal 6 True Damage and drain the mana of all enemies.

Crimson Bat: Deal 10 true damage to all enemies. Gain 15 Life.

Goblin King: Gain 15 life(1:1 green gem boost). Summon Evolved Goblin.

^Goblin: Deal 15 damage. Gain an extra turn.

What a great idea :smiling_imp:

Joking aside we don’t have anything planned at the moment. But we have discussed ideas for what we could do in the future.