War and Peace Event (the Return)

It has come to my attention that the War and Peace Event in the Khaziel storyline has returned, even though I can’t seem to find any mentioning about it in the official announcements (those sneaky ninjas!)

So if you are still missing your War and Peace weapon, boys and girls, or had missed it the first time around, you should all get chopping on those Khaziel Quests before they ninja close the event too!

It was open 3 weeks ago, thats when I got it. Don’t know when was it actually reopened.

This is bizarre. We never turned the quest line off, so we weren’t aware that players couldn’t access it.

Is there a level req for the storyline? Some of the people in my guild can’t see it?

There’s no level requirement but it does require you to have completed the Khaziel storyline and first the quest in Adana.