New trophy record set

the new trophy record is 40500 set by wumme the burner on ps, old record 40000 was set by frost



I have tried this the graphics are amazing but the storyline and gameplay are tedious and awful and the tutorial takes way too long and misses too many important game features.


I somehow got entered into School Mode for 16 years??? How do I get out??


Way too much grind


Plus it’s pay to win and a lot of the other players are jerks


Wow I dont know what world you live in, but it sounds nice! If you think a starving person from a war torn country has the same chance to achieve everything as someone who inherited billions, well… those are some pretty good rose tinted glasses :smiley:

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Somehow this discussion has gotten very confused, apparently. :slight_smile:

You had posted earlier the game of “IRL” - obviously a joke. Every comment afterwards has been referring to this joke. No one is referring to Gems of War.

…I have clearly started something I didn’t mean to.

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Yep, as OneWorld says, was just continuing the IRL joke, sorry if that wasn’t apparent!

Incidentally, I often hear people complain this game is pay to win and I agree with you that it is not in my view. It’s pay to progress faster but there are plenty of games that the best stuff is exclusively pay walled or it is genuinely pay to win through some kind of energy limit system. It’s one of the reasons I’m still playing despite the monetisation, bugs and poor communication


Too real :joy: :stuck_out_tongue::ok_hand:

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You unfortunately have to continue until you either finish the graduation quest chain or choose to take the drop out path. The quest chain is mandatory in most places and unfortunately once started you have to get to at least lvl 16 to choose an exit path and continue the game. Probably a bug overlooked by devs.

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I think there was a bug report made about it at one point, but it just got labelled “[Working as intended]”… :roll_eyes: I guess you could submit a feature request/give feedback, but even if it gets seen (and that’s a big if!) the development pipeline is even worse than in this game :weary: hard to believe, I know.

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what if a player is blind, then the have potato graphics?

That IRL game has too many energy systems - char has to eat and drink constantly and gets locked into sleep mode for around a third of the time. Gotta be a better way. And better gear is pricey. Don’t even ask about how much it costs to build a base.

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if you choose the return-to-monke path, the difficulty increases sharply but everything is relatively free

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Im late but congrats! Thankyou for being on PS. I can keep my Xbox Crown at least :slight_smile:

An image showing proof would be nice but ill happily believe it.

I know that i‘m late but here is the image