New Spell : "Generic Mana Burn Name" Maybe Soul Trap

How about a new spell that inflicts a mana burn to your opponent


“mana Burn an opponent for for the amount of mana they collect” …20% chance you’ll recover every turn though the percentages can be tweaked

and at like a 2:1 ratio…maybe even a 1:1 but that seems over powered

Not sure what the name of that would be…maybe Soul Trap

i think what you want to actually implement is a debuff that will stick to the target unit?

and then a spell that inflicts that debuff on the enemy, am i correct?

also the part about

is quite confusing, do you mean it should deal damage based on the amount of colors the troop has?

when should the debuff deal damage? when opposite player collects the mana color that matches the debuffed troops color? when the owner of debuffed troop collects the mana color of his debuffed troop color?

Yes, that’s exactly right

a debuff a spell that sticks to the enemy…that will mana burn them for the amount of mana they recieve until the debuff runs out

at a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio

@WishKiller I didn’t get what you meant the first time either, sorry…

I really like this. I’d call it Flux or something. Needs a sparkly graphic that flashes when the damage takes effect.

I think it could very safely be a 1:1 ratio (one damage per point of mana collected) as:

  • enemy can easily play around it and not trigger the damage
  • it will only last on average 3-5 turns
  • in that time, enemy won’t make more than say 2-3 matches of that colour, and assuming an odd mana surge, or banner, might gain between 6 and 12 mana, so take 6-12 damage
  • which is no more than Burn, and hardly game-changing
    …I’d even consider a 1:2 ratio… though need to bear in mind impact on early game and arena too.

Imagining some implementations, like:

  • spell that puts Enchant and Flux on one or more allies
  • legendary spell that puts Flux on all enemies
  • obvious legendary trait to put Flux on random enemy on 4+ matches

PS: there’s already a hero weapon called Soultrap, btw

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I really really love this idea! I feel like it would be a great addition, perhaps a stronger version of it slapped on a legendary would make a cool unique trait (rather than it being a new effect)

I was sitting there thinking what would be practical that’s not been used yet…then BOOM there was the idea