If you could design a debuff, what would it be?

This was a subject of discussion on the 4.6 Preview Stream and I thought it was fun enough to pose to the forums.

RadioPancla suggested “Immune to Skull damage. Take increased Spell damage”

Stasis: Lose 1 mana each turn while under the effect. standard recovery rate


my suggestion…
Down: Affected troops cannot do anything (including mana gain, skull attack, use skill, etc) and traits are disabled. Lasts 2 turns. Still can be targeted by spells and enemy skull attack. Cannot be cleansed.

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Absorb: Convert 10% of the damage I receive from the next spell to affect me into mana

Confused: 30% chance my spell will target a random card in play (even more interesting if there’s also a 5% chance that the spell could just fire off randomly, even without mana. Call it Volatile or something :rofl:)


My suggestion was “Mana Jumble”.

Affected troop has it’s mana requirements (colors) re-arranged. So a blue/yellow troop could become a red/green troop.

Would mess up team synergies pretty fierce in this loop heavy world we live in.


Traitor : force a troop to randomly attack its own teammates for a specific ammount of turns (a bit like charm, but targeting both regular skull matches and spell attacks, and for multiple turns; maybe as with other debuffs, a cumulative 10% chance/turn to get rid of the debuff).

Variant of the above : Harakiri : force a troop to attack itself with both skull matches and spell damage, while diverting to the caster all beneficial effects from spells (stolen life/attack/armor).

Undead: Positive effects inflict a similar negative status effect instead.

Ideas for a target afflicted with “Undead”:

  • If the troop would gain life, it loses life instead.
  • Armor is unaffected for flavor.
  • If the troop would be blessed, it gets cursed instead.
  • Barrier/Reflect become Bleed.
  • Enrage becomes Entangle.
  • Distribute other effects randomly, some don’t have an obvious “opposite”.

If an Undead-afflicted troop is dealt damage by an attack meant to “kill”, it will be fully healed instead. For example, Death Mark might “revive” the character. Some leeway will be allowed as some attacks have the flavor “do a ridiculous amount of damage” instead of “kill” and I don’t feel like combing for examples.

Devouring an Undead troop destroys the devourer, unless the devourer is ALSO undead. You should probably just win the game if you pull that off.

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Mana Kin: Any mana gained in the color(s) of the affected troop is also gained by the opposing team.

Petrify: Affected troop loses attack, magic, and life each turn, converting all points lost to armor. Can stack up to 3x, similar to Bleed.

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  • Linked: Whenever an ally receives skull damage the Linked troop receives the same amount of damage.
  • Phasing: The Phasing troop moves to a random position within the team at the start of each turn.
  • Doomed: The Doomed troop receives a random debuff at the start of each turn.
  • Blind: Prevents allies from gaining mana in any color of the Blind troop.
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#1 no more debuffs! we have enough, thanks.
#2 i would rework poison to be Bleed and get rid of bleed.or vise versa is fine.

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Electrified: like a Charmed version of Bleed. Damage arcs to troops above and below the target at the beginning of each turn. Stacks 3 times, for 1/2/3 damage, or if no stacking, just 2 damage each turn. Additional point of damage against “Armored” traited troops, or submerged troops (one of those two, not both)

Choke: enemy suffers damage equal to 30% of Mana gained. (Make a 3 gem match, gain 3 Mana, take 1 damage). *edit: on second thought, that seems really low, maybe make it 50-60%

Terrify: take double (or even triple) damage from damage causing status effects


Enchant could become disease, barrier could rather become hunter mark, reflect fits rather death mark.

Did someone say mimic? Sorry but ff7 final boss nostalgia kicked in right there