New Pet - War Kitty


New Pet: War Kitty

A new pet has been released, War Kitty. You can get War Kitty from the daily Pet Rescue for the next 24hrs.
Please note that War Kitty is a special event pet.

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Yeah. This looks very Merlantis. Oh wait.



Leonis Empire has only one regular pet available. Kingdom power level 17 requires 2 level 20 pets. 3 pets to 20 for level 23, 4 pets to 20 for level 27. This is a good one to spend gems on if you’re into high power level kingdoms :slight_smile:


Not just me thinkin this right? It’s intentional? :smiley_cat:


Tbh, this should be more of a PSA for the dev team to reconfigure Pets for Leonis Empire.

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When pets were introduced, we were promised, that we would not need to mythic the cosmetic ones and no information that this promise is not valid anymore has been given to us.

With the release of this pet we are in the situation that there have been enough troops released, so that we can reach power level 25 for Leonis Empire, for which we need 3 mythic pets.

As mentioned in the comments above there is one regular pet, one pure faction one and three cosmetic ones. This means that people who did not spend 10$ for the campaign (like me) now have to spend around 3000 gems (based on your own shop, this is worth 99.99$) to mythic this one.

My question for the developers or who ever is responsible is. Is the promise still valid and there will be a standard Leonis Empire pet soon or you changed your mind and the mythic cosmetic pets are mandatory now.


This is a great question. I really hope it gets an answer.

This question is very important to determine spending habits (real money and in-game premium currency). They really should answer this.


I remembered reading something about this awhile back. [More info needed]?

Were we though?

Another reference adding to Tabu’s:

Going to play devil’s advocate for a minute here. I can’t find a solid promise anywhere and I don’t think it was ever made. Comments were made to indicate that cosmetic pets would not be required (like the ones above), but there was no promise that would never change, I think we just interpreted it as such. And those comments should be taken in the context of the time they were made, literally years ago when the game was in a different state, when the most you needed to max out kingdom power was 2 pets at level 20, which you could in fact do with one regular pet and one faction pet.

Do I think requiring cosmetic pets for kingdom power is fine? No. But I don’t think the developers should be prevented from further developing the game in the direction they feel is best for it because of a comment made years ago.

Anyway, devs gonna dev, what can ya do about it? :sweat_smile:


As a stream regular, I can say that the devs have said not directly answered that question. However, Salty has strongly implied that this is not the case anymore on-stream.

This, right here, is exactly my interpretation of the situation.

Personally, I believe that somewhere along the way, the decision was made for cosmetics to be mandatory for Power 20+. Taran’s spoilers suggest that this is the case, as outside of the remaining faction pets to be released and a very few ancient pets that the devs are still sitting on since the inception of pets into the game (one for Khaziel and one for Wildfolk), there are currently no signs that future pets will be anything but cosmetic.

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Which means they no longer are cosmetic, by definition.

They might not give team bonuses, but if they are required for Kingdom Power progression, they should not be called “cosmetic” anymore. Only the chat emojis and such qualify as cosmetic if the word means “doesn’t affect gameplay.”


Hi guys.
Thanks for all your replies.
I understand that as development goes, situation can change. Not just with pets, but with anything in the game.
The problem I have with it is that they haven’t announced the change. Would it be so hard for them to write an official post on the forum about that?

And one more thing. If we need to mythic cosmetic pets now, why is it still not possible to get them through the pet rescue or daily offers?

@Lyrian wrote:

there are currently no signs that future pets will be anything but cosmetic

Does it mean that from now on anytime a new pet is released, we have to spend around 3000 gems to mythic it?

I do not want this to be a hate thread. I just want answers to what the current situation is.


Taransworld claims there are two “normal” pets remaining for “normal” kingdoms, one a troop type (Wildfolk) and one a kingdom pet (Khetar). But neither has a firm release date as of yet.

Taransworld also claims a whole bunch of “normal” pets for things like Gnomes, The Vault, et cetera. But those do us even less good than new cosmetic pets.

So it seems, at least on their initial release date. Adopt-a-Pet flash offers, otherwise. At least until the devs say otherwise.

Because the devs say so? At this point, IMO, the “cosmetic” label is more akin to being a limited-edition pet that has the same effectiveness as a normal pet regarding kingdom advancement.

EDIT: @Arelana , below, said my point much more succinctly.

These pets may or may not be released during these kingdoms future event weeks. They have been passed on multiple times already on their kingdom’s previous event weeks, which is why they are still in the pool of pets left to be released.

The Gnome/Vault pets are from a previous scrapped idea by the devs from the beginning of the Underworld. Perhaps they will be repurposed into something else in the future, maybe not.

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More pressure to buy the elite (lol) pa$$es and/or dump Gems to get each new Event pet to Mythic when it initially releases.

"We heard you like FOMO, so here’s some more. The cash shop line starts right over there. → "


I think they mean cosmetic as in they sit on your character in your profile but that’s about it.

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Yes. Here’s the problem: anything they say eventually comes back to bite them.

Imagine today they say: “Sorry guys, you’re going to have to buy cosmetic pets in order to not be blocked on kingdom progression”. Later, a few months down the line, they might be considering adding more regular pets to kingdoms. Or putting cosmetic pets in the regular pet rescue drop pool or daily offers as you suggested. If they go ahead and do it, you’ll have people saying things like “wtf!? I spent thousands of gems on cosmetic pet rescues because YOU said I have to! Now you’re saying I didn’t have to? BS!” or “devs lied to us to get us to spend gems”

I’m pretty sure the backlash they get here for pretty much anything they say or do is the main reason they’ve defaulted to saying the bare minimum instead and generally avoid any kind of promises or future guarantees. Considering the treatment they get here sometimes, I really can’t blame them :frowning:


Things change, that’s quite normal. The difference between something coming back to bite you and something working out just fine tends to be communication. I’d rather know that current planning requires me to buy the pet instead of being left guessing, because some old announced rule might secretly no longer apply.